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Top 8 ERP Implementation Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

When implementing a new ERP system for your manufacturing or distribution company, the sheer size and scope of the project opens the door for many painful mistakes. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid major pitfalls. Read about 8 of the most common mistakes companies make when choosing and implementing a new ERP system in this insightful paper.
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Lean Manufacturing:
Keep Moving Forward

What is Lean Manufacturing? It's about reestablishing the manufacturing process to eliminate waste and to improve the quality of the product. However, not only does lean involve rearranging and creating different processes for manufacturing, it also involves a change in culture in the workplace.
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The Economic and Strategic Benefits of Cloud Computing

In order for organizations to make intelligent decisions regarding the cloud, they need to understand the relative costs of software-as-a-service (SaaS) vs. on-premises systems. The question that absolutely needs answering: “Does SaaS save money?” ‘The Economic and Strategic Benefits of Cloud Computing’, a comprehensive study by Computer Economics, takes an in-depth look at the benefits of cloud computing based on a special survey they conducted of organizations that had moved the majority of their information systems to the cloud.
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MGI Research – 20 Questions with Rootstock

Until recently, successful SaaS companies have excluded core manufacturing functionality, and focused on departmental and/or horizontal functionality far from the plant floor. That’s about to change. Rootstock Software, founded by a team of experienced manufacturing ERP experts, is in the vanguard of a new generation of manufacturing applications based in the cloud. Read MGI Research’s ’20 Questions with Rootstock’, part of an MGI Research Interview Series with leading technology industry executives, innovators, and investors.
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Standard vs. Average Costs for Manufacturers: Factors to Consider

There are certain types of manufacturers that find average costing to be an effective method to track overall manufacturing costs. Most manufacturers, however, find that the average costing method has limitations and does not effectively support their business needs. Learn more about the factors that should be considered when evaluating different costing methods for manufacturing companies from subject matter expert David Duff, Controller from Oclaro, by reading Rootstock’s white paper ‘Standard vs Average Costs: Factors to Consider’.
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How Cloud Computing is Changing the Manufacturing ERP Landscape

Why are manufacturing companies shifting to the cloud? How is the recent introduction and adoption of Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions impacting manufacturers? What makes PaaS a better solution for manufacturing rather than the traditional on-premise, other SaaS or other ‘on-demand’ offerings? This paper examines the dramatic change of why manufacturing companies are now not only accepting, but embracing, cloud computing solutions and the recent evolution to PaaS. We explore some of the main drivers behind this shift to new technology platforms and why it is critical to build competitive edge for the future. Learn more by reading Rootstock’s latest white paper ‘How Cloud Computing is Changing the Manufacturing ERP Landscape ‘.
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SaaS: The Final Frontier – A Long Overdue Voyage for Manufacturing Enterprises White Paper

With Software as a Service (SaaS) gaining on traditional packages at seemingly warp speed, the most neglected sector up to now has been manufacturing enterprise software. Why has there been slower adoption of world class SaaS solutions for manufacturing than for any other enterprise domains? Learn more by reading Rootstock’s white paper ‘SaaS: The Final Frontier – A Long Overdue Voyage for Manufacturing Enterprises’.
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