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Management Team

The Rootstock Management Team brings together decades of industry experience and software innovation to deliver the leading SaaS manufacturing enterprise software serving mid-sized discrete manufacturers.

Pat Garrehy

Pat Garrehy

Founder, President, CEO and Board Member

Pat Garrehy is the Founder, President, and CEO for Rootstock Software® and has an extensive background as a software architect and engineer. With over 30 years of management, sales and technical experience, Mr. Garrehy brings a unique blend of analytical focus and business savvy to the table.

As CEO, Mr. Garrehy has applied his extensive background to the development of Rootstock’s nimble and powerful cloud based (SaaS) solution. In addition, Mr. Garrehy sets the company’s strategic direction and provides overall leadership for the entire management team. He has developed and maintains close relationships with strategic partners and Financialforce.

Mr. Garrehy is also the founder and former CEO of Relevant Business Systems, a client-server ERP software provider with an exclusive focus on discrete manufacturing companies. Relevant, which was sold in 2006, remains the most profitable division of the acquirer to date. The software is currently utilized in a number of business operations, including major divisions of Lockheed and Solectron with sales of over one billion dollars.

As a University of California at Berkeley graduate, he holds a BS degree in business and mathematics as well as a MBA in finance from the University of Southern California.

David Stephans

David Stephans

Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales, Channels and Marketing

As Rootstock’s Chief Customer Officer, Dave Stephans directs and manages all customer solution architecture and customer acquisition activities. With over 20 years of manufacturing and technology experience and a proven track record of taking the customer experience to new levels of productivity and profitability, Dave has an extensive background in manufacturing and supply chain optimization that when coupled with Rootstock’s product depth and breath, delivers a formula for success for Rootstock customers.

Prior to Rootstock, Stephans was the General Manager of an Aerospace & Defense government subcontractor that manufactures advanced electronic products. Dave managed the company’s operations through a period of high growth, complex customer demands, and significant compliance requirements. With his deep understanding of manufacturing systems from both the buyer and seller perspectives, he brings great insight and leadership to Rootstock.

Stephans has held numerous senior management positions with firms such as Baan Supply Chain Solutions, i2 Technologies, and Relevant.

Dave is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a BS in Operations Management and Information Systems.

Chuck Olinger

Chuck Olinger

Executive Vice President

Chuck Olinger is the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Executive Vice President for Rootstock Software. Mr. Olinger directs Rootstock’s strategies for growth while expanding customer and partner relationships. With over 35 years in the development, sales, marketing, and implementation of manufacturing systems, Mr. Olinger provides extensive knowledge regarding today’s market and current buyer trends.

With recent experience managing the transition of an established ERP offering to the SaaS model, Mr. Olinger brings with him a strong management background coupled with a distinctly practical vision regarding the future of elevated manufacturing solutions.

Mr. Olinger has held senior management positions at numerous other technology organizations including, Martin Marietta Data Systems, TRW, nMetric LLC, Relevant Business Systems and MCBA.

Dean Hettenbach

Dean Hettenbach

Vice President of Client Services

Dean Hettenbach is Vice President of Client Services for Rootstock Software. Mr. Hettenbach joined Rootstock in 2010 with an extensive background in manufacturing management and system solutions development. Mr. Hettenbach is primarily responsible for overseeing and implementing key measures and strategies in Professional Services to increase the level of service provided to Rootstock’s customers. From implementation to training and system upgrades, Mr. Hettenbach and his team pride themselves on being responsive, available, and proactive to their customers’ short-term and long-term needs.

During his 25 years in the manufacturing sector, Mr. Hettenbach has supported a variety of clients ranging in size from Fortune 500 to start-ups and emerging growth companies. His experience spans multiple industries including electronics, consumer packaged goods, contract manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, composites and third party logistics services. Dean Hettenbach has established a distinguished reputation as a manufacturing systems user, purchaser, developer, and manager. His extensive background and unique user-focused approach position Mr. Hettenbach as a leader in system implementations.

Mr. Hettenbach received his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Missouri, and his Master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also holds a certificate in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems from Georgia Tech and is an active member of APICS and the Technology Association of Georgia.

Samuel Wood

Samuel Wood

Vice President of Software Engineering

Samuel Wood is the Vice President of Software Engineering for Rootstock Software. Since 2012 his responsibilities have included the management of all software development staff and serving as the chief product architect overseeing both the technical direction on the Cloud and the functional development of the product. Sam’s background includes almost 30 years of software design and development in manufacturing and accounting systems. Prior to joining Rootstock, he spent over 20 years at Relevant Business Systems (an ERP client-server software provider) as both software architect and developer serving in the chief product role reporting to the CEO from 1998 to 2006.

Trond Henning Olesen

Trond Henning Olesen

Vice President of Customer Success

Trond Henning Olesen is responsible for assuring customer success, satisfaction, software adoption, and utilization of Rootstock’s software. Trond is an experienced and accomplished technical executive of several Silicon Valley startups. He has built organizations, structures, and processes that can grow with the rapid business expansion necessary in high tech while simultaneously maintaining a high customer satisfaction. Throughout his more than 20 years’ experience leading Professional Services, Customer Support, customer training, and Engineering organizations, Trond has successfully implemented customers in the US, Europe, and Asia such as Cisco, Dell, Procter & Gamble, O2, and Telia.

Trond has held executive positions at companies like iSpheres Corporation, Viz Risk Management, and Recommind. He was a founding member of Calico Commerce, which had the best IPO in the history of NASDAQ in 1999. With his extensive technical and business background, Trond has consulted for companies such as LinkedIn, Digital Fuel, and Purisma, assisting them in improving their organizations, processes, and people.

Trond has a Ph.D. (Dr. Scient.) in Computer Science from the University of Bergen, Norway.