Professional Services

Rootstock Software® is committed to offering high quality, high touch professional services to ensure our success together as true business partners.

Our four critical elements for a successful implementation include:

  • The People – Successful team building hinges on experienced leadership to evaluate and assemble the resources required – both internally and externally – to plan, launch and manage a successful implementation. The best implementation teams represent a combination of business, process, and product knowledge; skill sets; and communication efforts that encourage people to share information and responsibility for the project’s success.
  • The Process – To secure management commitment and ongoing support, it’s necessary to define a business case for the software tool, focusing first on the core functionality that provides the best and fastest payback. To achieve rapid implementation and return-on-investment, the successful implementation strategy should leverage the best practices built into the software, and processes should be realigned accordingly.
  • The Implementation Partner – The implementation partner must have possess a thorough understanding of the software’s features and function and the technical skills to provide interfaces and integration with other systems within the company. They must have the business foresight to determine how the software can best be applied to further the organization’s goals.
  • The Software – The right ERP software will meet the company’s requirements, support requirement of the company to function with industry conventions, be user friendly and user configurable. It also must supply, enable or interface IT tools to enable the concepts of supply chain.

Rootstock Software® provides industry leading implementation and support services to ensure out clients success today and tomorrow.