A Month of Learning: Digitally Transform Your Manufacturing Business on the Salesforce PlatformA chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

This famous proverb holds special meaning for the manufacturing industry these days, which is still coping with the challenges introduced by the COVID pandemic. Dramatic market changes and a remote workforce have forced manufacturers to speed up the digital transformation of their organizations in order to connect everyone to a single source of data and achieve operational excellence all along their value chains.

To meet these challenges, companies are turning to the Salesforce Cloud Platform, along with its partners Rootstock, ComplianceQuest, Propel and Tavant, which combine people, processes, and technology to deliver greater value and an unrelenting focus on customers.

A Month of Learning

To help your company navigate its digital transformation, Salesforce is presenting a Month of Learning program entitled, “Make Every Link Count – Achieve Digital Optimization Across the Manufacturing Value Chain.” Through customer stories, white papers, demos, and an exclusive four-part webinar series, Salesforce and its partners will showcase how manufacturers are better connecting the links in their value chains to transform their businesses.

The program will specifically focus on four areas:

You’ll discover how the Salesforce ecosystem prepares you and your company achieve the level of agility, insight and collaboration you need to drive digital connections across your business.

Once you register for the Month of Learning, you will have exclusive access to the following featured content:

  • A web page dedicated to each of the four “Connect” topics highlighted above with content curated by the topic leaders.
  • A one-hour webinar on each of the four “Connect” topics led by the topic leaders.
  • A single login for all featured content.
  • Use of the partner web pages as resources for six months.

Participating Partners

The four participating partners offer software solutions built on the Salesforce Cloud Platform and designed to help manufacturers digitally transform themselves to fix their own broken links.

Rootstock Cloud ERP gives manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain organizations a flexible and scalable solution that connects information across the entire organization and helps it deliver a more personalized, collaborative customer experience.

ComplianceQuest Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) provides a cloud-based integrated risk and compliance management system that combines enterprise quality, compliance, collaboration and communication across the product value chain.

Manufacturers who use Rootstock Cloud ERP and ComplianceQuest EQMS connect manufacturing to quality to achieve operational excellence and align strategic objectives with people, processes, and technology.

Propel offers a unique Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that helps manufacturers connect Engineering and Sales to manage all of the complexity that goes into designing today’s products. Propel’s solution enables faster time to market, faster decision making, and greater collaboration.

Tavant provides innovative digital solutions that help companies navigate the customer aftermarket experience by connecting warranties and service, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs.

You can visit the Month of Learning site here