A Month of Learning: Salesforce Helps Connect Sales and OperationsFor Salesforce, the Month of Learning is all about exposing manufacturers to solutions that can help them leverage the value of the Salesforce platform in areas beyond core sales, marketing, and service like ERP, quality management, product lifecycle management.

So, just how important is connecting everybody in the manufacturing value chain?

According to Loring Andersen, Director of Industry Ecosystem Strategy and Solutions at Salesforce, it’s all about getting and maintaining a competitive edge.

“Companies that are able to more effectively share information across their organization and with partners, more effectively apply analytics and AI to transform that information into insight, and more effectively collaborate for more informed and rapid decision making and execution have a competitive edge,” says Andersen.  “That is the power of the Salesforce Cloud platform.”

Manufacturing Cloud

Most people know Salesforce as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company, but they are much more than that. Together with their partner companies, they provide cloud-based solutions to help manufacturers identify and fix the broken links in their own value chains, from Product Development to Sales to Production to Service.

Some broken links are easy to identify. For example, Sales and Operations teams in many manufacturers work in siloed departments with different sets of data. Manual processes and old technology prevent accurate planning and forecasting, which are so critical to success.

For the Month of Learning, Salesforce will be presenting its own webinar on the Manufacturing Cloud, which helps connect Sales and Operations using sales agreements and account-based forecasting.

Manufacturing Cloud allows manufacturers to integrate sales agreements with data from ERP software and order management systems (such as Rootstock Cloud ERP) to track actual order volumes against commitments made in sales agreements. If commitments are not being met, sales teams can easily see that and take prompt action to understand and remedy the situation.

Account-based forecasting, another important Manufacturing Cloud feature, allows team members to develop more accurate forecasts and to adjust those forecasts in real time, accounting for new customer requirements or changing market demands.

The Impact of COVID-19

Obviously, most industries have been affected by the pandemic. In addition to reacting to unstable markets and providing remote work environment for their employees, manufacturers have had to find different ways to stay in business. While some companies were able to shift production to personal protective equipment (PPE) for front-line healthcare providers, it’s not easy to shift production and keep remote employees connected in organizations that are not digitally optimized.

Manufacturers tell us that these pandemic disruptions have highlighted the shortcomings of current business models, processes, and systems. More manufacturers are realizing that they urgently need to embrace digital transformation in order to increase flexibility, agility and collaboration.

Andersen agrees that the ability to have flexible, agile processes, and mobility and collaboration that supports remote work are absolutely necessary for manufacturers. “The ability for remotely dispersed teams to execute together to accomplish objectives is really what it’s all about today,” he says.

Salesforce partners Rootstock, ComplianceQuest, Propel and Tavant have built their solutions on Salesforce, connecting sales, service and marketing with product innovation, production, quality, and warranty on the leading cloud platform for manufacturers. That’s one innovative platform, one technology to integrate, one technology to learn.

Sign up for the webinar featuring Salesforce being held on July 29th here.

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A Month of Learning

Salesforce is part of the Salesforce Month of Learning. Customer stories, white papers, demos, and an exclusive four-part webinar series from Salesforce and its partners will showcase how manufacturers can digitally transform their businesses.

The theme of a Month of Learning is how manufacturers can make every link in their supply chain count to achieve digital optimization across the entire enterprise.

In addition to Salesforce, four other Salesforce partners are participating in Month of Learning:

  • Rootstock Cloud ERP gives manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain organizations a flexible and scalable solution system that connects the entire organization and helps them deliver a more personalized customer experience.
  • ComplianceQuest Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) provides a cloud-based integrated risk and compliance management that combines enterprise quality, compliance, collaboration and communication across the product value chain.
  • Propel offers a unique Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that helps manufacturers connect Engineering and Sales to manage all of the complexity that goes into designing today’s products. Propel’s solution enables faster time to market, faster decision making, and greater collaboration.
  • Tavant provides innovative digital solutions that help companies navigate the customer aftermarket experience by connecting warranties and service, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs.

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