As the coronavirus pandemic continues to upend the world’s economy, most segments of the manufacturing industry continue to face serious and evolving challenges. Five months in and unforeseen market changes continue to arise. An increasing reliance on a remote workforce has forced manufacturers to speed up the digital transformation of their organizations to connect everyone to a single source of data and achieve operational excellence all along their supply chains. At the same time, organizations must stay on top of everyday business functions or risk far-reaching negative consequences.

For example, managing warranties has now emerged as an even more critical area in the aftermarket services for many manufacturers. They need to continuously reinvent their customers’ post-acquisition journey and aftermarket experience, including warranty, sales, and service engagements. The industry is shifting from a traditional cost center approach to leveraging warranty as an asset of competitive advantage. Warranty can be a significant differentiator for companies when companies can assess risk from data. The assessment based on sound data science founded on large volumes of data can help drive more accurate pricing of warranty, reserve allocation, and better warranty terms. This not just enables better warranty decisions but also helps in getting a complete 360-degree view of your customers (which includes your dealers/distributors/and suppliers) and also be able to take the feedback to upstream functions like Quality, R&D, Procurement.

For over 20 years, Tavant has delivered innovative digital solutions that help manufacturers navigate the customer aftermarket experience by connecting warranties and services that result in increased customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs. Tavant Warranty, a Leader in IDC MarketScape, is an AI-powered enterprise warranty platform that delivers end-to-end warranty lifecycle management and is the only native solution on the Salesforce platform. It provides cross-functional integrations with legacy and ERP systems for data consistency and integrity and enables organizations to reduce warranty costs, increase supplier recovery performance, and improve aftermarket efficiency. The solution brings together OEMs, suppliers, service channel partners, and customers in a real-time collaborative environment.

A Month of Learning

Tavant is part of the Salesforce Month of Learning. Customer stories, white papers, demos, and an exclusive four-part webinar series from Salesforce and its partners will showcase how manufacturers can digitally transform their businesses.

The theme of a Month of Learning is how manufacturers can make every link in their supply chain count to achieve digital optimization across the entire enterprise.

On August 19th, Tavant is holding their Month of Learning webinar that will look at the impact that current industry trends are going to bring to the warranty and service space. You can register for ‘The future of Warranty’ here.  

In addition to Tavant, three other Salesforce partners are participating in Month of Learning:

  • Rootstock Cloud ERP gives manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain organizations a flexible and scalable solution that connects the entire organization and helps them deliver a more personalized customer experience.
  • ComplianceQuest Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) provides a cloud-based integrated risk and compliance management that combines enterprise quality, compliance, collaboration and communication across the product value chain.
  • Propel offers a unique Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that helps manufacturers connect Engineering and Sales to manage all of the complexity that goes into designing today’s products. Propel’s solution enables faster time to market, faster decision making, and greater collaboration.

Visit the Month of Learning Partner pages here: