Even in the face of supply chain constraints, labor shortages, soaring costs, and more, manufacturers continue to find ways to grow and thrive in today’s world. Being a manufacturing CIO, however, puts you at the white-hot center of addressing these challenges: your role is to deploy and maintain technologies and processes that help everyone from logistics to operations to field service overcome these issues. It’s not an easy job. And it just might become a bit more challenging.

Deloitte puts labor and supply chain issues as the top two manufacturing industry trends to watch in 2022. Those are obvious and have direct implications for CIOs. But, the firm also lists smart factory initiatives and cybersecurity as numbers three and four.


To recap, 4 of the top 5 manufacturing trends for 2022 fall back to the CIO to solve! 

Add to those the typical manufacturing priorities around customer experience, product excellence, digital transformation, and privacy and security. It’s clear your only chance to deliver is by being well prepared.

Our new CIO Readiness Kit can help.

The CIO Readiness Kit was built specifically for IT executives in the manufacturing industry. Leaders like you, thrust into the spotlight as digital trends and macroeconomic woes collide to create strong headwinds for manufacturers. We’ve assembled a collection of thought-provoking insights, critical tools, and detailed guides to help you prepare for whatever comes next.

The kit includes: 

  • Webinar featuring Chad Wright, CIO of Boston Dynamics, discussing the company’s digital transformation.
  • Webinar featuring Andrew Russo, Salesforce Architect and CIO of BACA Systems, explaining how the company used technology to become a world-class manufacturer.
  • Video showcasing how cloud ERP software helps enhance manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain efforts.
  • Ebook detailing how low-code ERP enables easy changes, fast customizations, and the easy creation of mobile apps.
  • Guides to help you evaluate cloud ERP software, ensure a higher ROI from manufacturing technology investments, and empower Salesforce admins to add ERP to the Salesforce Platform they already know.
  • And much more!

Check out the CIO Readiness Kit today and accelerate your preparedness for whatever tomorrow brings. And, if you have any questions along the way, we’re always here to help or point you in the right direction. Just contact us and we’ll help.