Rootstock Named a Major Player in the 2020 IDC MarketScape Analysis of Large Enterprise ERP ApplicationsRootstock has always provided innovative Cloud ERP solutions to companies of all sizes. But these days, large enterprise companies – those with a thousand employees or more – are dealing with specific complexities, as they try to grow in a global market.

Recently, IDC released its 2020 MarketScape Report, in which it assessed the complicated business challenges that today’s large enterprises face. These companies want to keep pace with market changes. To be competitive and succeed, they’re constantly looking for new ways to increase business volume, while also optimizing their data and operations. Not to mention the fact that large enterprises typically operate in a complex multinational, multilanguage and multicurrency environment.

Faced with these challenges, cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications have become the digital backbone, helping enterprises get a handle on complexity. And cloud has slowly become the deployment option-of-choice for many large enterprises, especially since analytics, AI and mobile apps now advance cloud ERP capabilities. This leads to further insights, automation and data for decision making.

IDC believes that in 2020 businesses will spend $1.3 trillion on technologies and services that enable digital transformation. These initiatives will have a profound impact on how large enterprises function – and at every level of their operations, including workflow and compliance. Today, large enterprises are turning to modern cloud ERP to enable automation, connectivity, and visibility – all of which drive competitive advantage. And because of the importance of these factors, large enterprises have high expectations for a prospective ERP solution – as well as an ERP vendor.

In its MarketScape report, IDC took a look at 14 ERP providers, and among these companies, Rootstock’s Cloud ERP was ranked as a “major player” among the solutions available to the large enterprise market.

IDC says that cloud ERP is advancing to become “intelligent ERP (i-ERP)” with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing, assistive user interfaces, and advanced analytics coupled with curated data sets. With such insights, companies can operate more intelligently at all levels.

And as we’ve experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have been experiencing an unprecedented reliance on ERP to help maintain business continuity. Cloud ERP has created vital connectivity with business leaders and staff, who now work remotely. And where cloud ERP has existed, companies have had the support they needed to endure volatile business conditions, as they had greater visibility into performance and greater flexibility to manage operations.

In the MarketScape Report, IDC highlighted the key factors behind Rootstock’s ranking as “major player” in the market:

  • Rootstock’s Cloud ERP is available internationally and is built on the Salesforce Platform, a major advantage for large enterprise customers looking for a global solution.
  • Rootstock Cloud ERP is a robust application that is also very flexible.
  • Manufacturers, distributors, and supply chain organizations enjoy a very rich feature set on a very modern cloud platform.
  • The company can quickly adjust to new business models and market changes while providing modern functions, like mobile device support and connected customer/supplier communities.
  • Rootstock customers liked the fact that CRM and ERP are on one platform. This means they have the same data model, system administration, and toolsets like analytics, chatter, integration tools, log-in, and user profiles. A shared data model also provides streamlined processes across CRM and ERP and a complete 360-degree view of customers.
  • References love the way Rootstock keeps its product road map front and center. One reference said the road map “comes true” and “keeps it focused on the future without taking away from the present.”
  • All references considered the integration with Salesforce as one of the top two reasons they chose Rootstock. The second reason is the functionality and capabilities of the system.
  • References noted that Rootstock’s APIs made it an easy-to-use system. Such ease-of-use features actually reduced demands on IT resources and enabled customers to continue toward their future goals without being stalled.

The innovation that led to Rootstock’s recognition as a “major player” is what has enabled our customers to achieve success, including companies like Matouk and Pro-Tech. And an exciting aspect of the product roadmap was the recent release of our Low-Code, Business-Drive ERP, which empowers everyday business users to swiftly tailor and deploy mobile apps, change processes and add AI and analytics without having to wait for busy IT departments or expensive consultants. We’ll soon have more product, partner and customer news that continues to exemplify our success and growth in the market.

Read the IDC 2020 MarketScape Report now.