Driving Success at Tesla Energy with Rootstock and Revenova

Learn how Tesla Energy saved $6 million using Rootstock/Revenova in this Must-See On Demand Webinar – watch it now!

Featuring Aaron Sanders, Associate Manager, Solar Supply Chain, Solar City (dba Tesla Energy) as he shares his insights into the success the company has realized with the combined solution of Rootstock ERP Software and Revenova Transportation Management System (TMS).

Manufacturers and distributors who move to cloud ERP will find that Rootstock ERP combined with Revenova, both based on the Salesforce ecosystem, will quickly install to boost their ability to access big data on demand, gain important business intelligence and use this information to coordinate and collaborate with every department at every step in the supply chain and stay ahead of the competition.

Additional Presenters:

Michael Horvath – Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Revenova

David Stephans – Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rootstock