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Top 5 Reasons to Process Payments Through Rootstock with Payments for Salesforce

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Rootstock NOW features integrated payment processing powered by Direct Connect Payments for Salesforce. Streamline your business operations, say goodbye to manual reconciliation and eliminate data entry errors caused by human mistakes by accepting payments directly through your business management software!

Here are five reasons why processing accepting and managing payments through Rootstock with Payments for Salesforce is a no-brainer for your business.

#1 – Save Time.  When you accept credit card and ACH payment using either a non-integrated solution or a standalone terminal, neither of which communicate with Rootstock, your business experiences operational inefficiency.  With an integrated solution, you will no longer need to waste time daily or monthly exporting payment information from your current credit card provider’s system and performing manual uploads into Rootstock. Say goodbye to your reconciliation headaches.

#2 – Increase Accuracy. Hey – nobody’s perfect, right? Your business shouldn’t suffer because of it.  Exposing your business to manual processes inevitably results in human error.  Both non-integrated solutions and standalone terminals require employees to manually enter payment totals into Rootstock following each transaction, leaving your business at risk to the dreaded “fat finger”.  When you use Payments for Salesforce, transactions originate and resides within your system, eliminating data entry requirements (along with their potential mistakes).

#3 –  Gain Financial Visibility. Ever try driving a car while blindfolded?  Yeah, us neither. Attempting to manage your business without insight into your payments data is equally as dangerous to your livelihood. With the Rootstock payment processing solution, since all reporting resides within the Salesforce platform, you get a holistic understanding of your financial health, are able to make better business decisions—and, your business will thank you.

#4 – Save Money. Upgrade to integrated payment processing powered by Direct Connect for FREE! Because we are constantly looking to offer our customers the best value for our services, we expect our third-party partners to do the same. That’s why we’ve negotiated a Meet-or-Beat pricing promise with Direct Connect, with an option to keep your current processor, for all Rootstock Customers. Select Direct Connect for transparency, simplicity and payment security. We sure did!

#5 – Simplified PCI Compliance. All business who accept credit card payments must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which mandates the use of PCI compliant solutions. Direct Connect Payments for Salesforce meets the stringent compliance requirements of the PCI DSS. For additional security, Payments for Salesforce features tokenization technology which allows businesses to process secure, card-on-file, scheduled and recurring payments without the requirement to store sensitive credit card information onsite.  Businesses using tokenization technology dramatically simplify their own PCI compliance requirements.

To learn more or to get started with Payments for Salesforce today, request to be contacted at

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