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Cloud ERP Software for

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers

Rootstock’s Cloud ERP software for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers enables companies in this industry to efficiently manage all aspects of their Logistics and Supply Chain. Complete traceability for Inventory Items by both Lot and Serial Number satisfies the most rigorous industry requirements. Planning, costing, and inventory tracking is implemented on an ‘item-project/contract’ basis for visibility of projects. Rootstock’s Engineering Change Control capabilities provide for easier integration to industry standard PLM systems. Complete ECO and Revision control insure that engineering changes are successfully implemented. Rootstock also supports multiple Divisions or Plants, with the additional capability to allow Purchasing and Engineering to be centralized.

The scheduling module of Rootstock will schedule operation steps (which can be sequential or concurrent) for Work Orders by Work Center. There is also a comprehensive ‘drag and drop’ scheduling feature when reviewing a work center’s capacity. Comprehensive priority rules enable production control to easily manage the changing demands of the various contract ship dates. Bottlenecks are exposed and load can be adjusted. Audit trail records are created for a purchase order receipts, all inventory material movements and adjustments, work order issue and work order receipts, subcontract purchase issues, labor and machine bookings, sales order fulfillments, RMA receipts and advanced shipments, site to site inventory transfers and division to division inventory transfers as well as any reversals of these functions.

Rootstock’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module has capabilities that are beneficial for those Aerospace and Defense firms that manage their business by Contracts or Projects. MRP can be run by Project and all Planned Orders are identified by Project. With the Rootstock Cloud ERP modules, all of the departments of an Aerospace and Defense company can now have complete visibility at a very granular level of all aspects of their operation and the infrastructure to more easily communicate and respond to events in a timely manner.


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How Can Rootstock Help You?



Gain better visibility on project schedules and costs.


Compare actual costs versus budget by project in real time.


Capture complete serial and lot traceability through the entire Product Life Cycle.


Provide ‘as maintained’ versus ‘as built’ versus ‘as designed’ view of the entire BOM Tree Structure.


View the project impact of capacity on the shop floor.


Run Material Requirements Planning on a project Basis.


Manufacturing Application

Modules included in the Manufacturing Application for Aerospace Defense