Rootstock’s Cloud ERP software for High Tech & Electronics Manufacturers enables companies to efficiently manage all aspects of their Supply Chain. Rootstock’s Production Engineering module manages items, bill-of-materials, reference designators, and routings. Rootstock’s Engineering Change Control capabilities enable easier integration with industry standard PLM systems. Components issued to a work order can be set to backflush at the point of work order receipt or at specific routing operational steps by work center. Rootstock work orders are created using of the standard routing for the parent item. Routings can be later be modified on the work order without disrupting the standard routing to make special ‘as built’ versions of an item. Rootstock’s scheduling engine dates the operational routing steps (which can be sequential or concurrent) and processes them against a comprehensive set of prioritization rules. Production control managers can easily reprioritize work orders visually with Rootstock’s drag-and-drop capacity planning screens.

High Tech & Electronics manufacturers operate in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment. Rootstock ‘As Designed’ versus ‘As Built’ work order inquiry capabilities make it easy for engineering and manufacturing to collaborate around pending engineering changes that may impact production. Rootstock will plan, track, and cost inventory items by customer, customer/project or contract – a capability especially important to High Tech & Electronics contract manufacturers. Once a project budget is set, actual labor, material, and other charges are tracked and visible in real-time. Up-to-date project actual vs. project budget numbers are just a click away via the Rootstock project workbench. Item serial number revisions and condition codes can be used to track field replacements. This data is especially useful for field upgrades, warranty replacements, and product recalls.