Rootstock’s Cloud ERP software for Industrial Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers enables companies to efficiently manage all aspects of their Logistics and Supply Chain. Rootstock’s Production Engineering module manages Items, Bills-of-Materials, and Routings. Bill-of-materials for Industrial Equipment & Machinery manufacturers are often several layers deep and comprise thousands of components. Fully indented Bills-of-Materials with cost rollups are supported. Defining bills of materials as phantoms can provide the flexibility to adjust the manufacturing process. Rootstock makes it easy to manage Engineering BOMs with Mass Add, Copy, and Replace functionality.

Rootstock’s Engineering Change Control capabilities enable easier integration with industry standard PLM systems. Industrial Equipment & Machinery manufacturers often use several engineering and CAD related packages to handle electrical, electronic, mechanical, and thermal designs. Rootstock cloud ERP on the Salesforce platform helps protect your investment in current PLM systems used for managing revisions and document control connected to these packages.

Industrial Equipment & Machinery manufacturers often need to control the issuance of components at specific routing steps in their production process. Routings can be configured in Rootstock to ensure that components are issued to the proper work center as the production work order is released and completed. Components issued to a work order can be set to backflush at Work Order receipt or at specific routing operation steps when work centers are set as component issue locations. Rootstock Work Orders automatically receive a copy of the standard routing for the parent item. Routings can be modified on the work order without disrupting the standard routing to make special ‘as built’ versions of an item.

Rootstock will plan, track, and cost inventory items by customer, customer/project or contract – a capability especially important to Industrial Equipment & Machinery manufacturers. Once a project budget is set, actual labor, material, and other charges are tracked and visible in real-time. Up-to-date project actual vs. project budget numbers are just a click away.