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A Primer on ERP for Manufacturing

  • You’ve heard the acronym for years, but, what really IS ERP?
  • What makes ERP a fundamental requirement for modern manufacturing?
  • Did you know your ERP system interacts with nearly every aspect of the manufacturing process?

As ERP systems become a must-have for modern manufacturers, it is obvious that every contributor to your organization needs to have at least a basic understanding of the responsibilities and contributions of each inter-related department. Although ERP is a comprehensive solution that touches every aspect of the business, that does not make it complex and inscrutable. On the contrary, if you understand your business, you will understand ERP and vice versa.

At Rootstock, we have over 600 years of manufacturing domain expertise – possibly the most extensive collection of manufacturing expertise on the planet. And, we would like to spread the knowledge with this series of concise and insightful webinars on ERP. Register now to:

  • Understand the various components of a modern ERP.
  • Learn how the work performed by individuals affects other aspects of manufacturing, and how it all comes together.
  • Learn how ERP done right can help you run your business better and lead to superior business outcomes.