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Rootstock ERP Software Reviews

Rootstock Software is all about helping manufacturers like you succeed. We’re pleased to share real reviews from some of our successful and satisfied customers.

Great software backed with top notch support

When looking for a cloud-based ERP system we found it difficult to find a system with our budget that our needs. It was very important to us to find an ERP provider whose customer “sweet spot” was similar to what our company does. Many of the offerings looked great for light manufacturing or assembly work, but we are a heavy manufacturer. Our company is a vertically integrated discrete manufacturer of commercial snow removal equipment designed to fit on construction equipment. We purchase raw steel and cut, bend, punch, weld, paint and ship all from one facility. We also, have our sales, marketing, engineering and customer service team all at the same site. It was important for us to find a software that was cloud based, affordable, and had experience with manufacturers like us. We found all that with Rootstock.

The price was within our budget, and all functionality we needed was there. The UI and software are intuitive and have been pretty easy to learn for all of our team. We did not come from an ERP system before this, so a lot of the concepts of ERP were new to us. The Rootstock team did a great job understanding our processes and helping us implement the software in a way that did not add much extra complexity to our business processes. Creating work orders, purchasing and receiving, BOM management is all pretty simple yet robust in features. The summary review by item function is great, it lets you see an item and all in one view see open and planned work orders, open and planned purchases for the item and any sales order or forecast demands for the item. It has proven a useful feature to our sales staff, especially to get visibility on current and planned supply.

The ability to go from Salesforce quote or case to sales order is very nice. The ability to easily see and e-mail sales orders, purchase orders, packing lists, invoices etc. has been great!

Amazing Company, Amazing People, Amazing Product!

This company has the recipe mastered. We’ve been live on Rootstock for 8 months and continue to be impressed with the application’s deep capabilities, ease of use, and rapid configurability. We implemented Rootstock in under 6 months leveraging a small internal team working part time and Rootstock Professional Services looking over our shoulders. Customer Success picked up where Services left off and continues to shepherd our team through enhanced capabilities and reduction of clicks for our deployment. If you’re in the market for a new ERP, you owe it to yourself to take a serious look at Rootstock!

Cloud ERP For Manufacturers By Manufacturers

We use all of Rootstock’s modules. We have found that their MRP system is second to none. We love using Salesforce Reporting to access every bit of production, costing, and inventory data. Their support never ceases to amaze us–they just understand manufacturing. Their mobile integration is the next big thing for us to move into.

Great opportunity for Manufacturers moving to the Cloud!

Fully built on Salesforce, Mobile, strong Operation and Manufacturing processes built in. A strong way to view demand coming from sales and connect the dots between departments. The latest product developments are great with the Lightning Apps, the Mobile Scanners, the ERP and Financial Features. I strongly recommend this tool!

Great Product and Support

We are a manufacturing company with multiple divisions and product lines and have been using Rootstock for approximately two years. Rootstock has been customizable enough to meet the different needs of each division. The implementation team was very efficient between our two branches and two different timelines, they are still here to help when we need assistance. Support has been quick to get most items resolved and assisting us into moving into lightning and other customizations.

Very happy with Rootstock ERP

We implemented Rootstock ERP on our Salesforce platform in April 2017. It works seamlessly with SF, and is easy to manage and customize, especially in the Lightning version. It’s 100% cloud-based, and the mobile tools work well. The product does everything we want it to do. The support team is top notch, very responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend this package.

Rootstock ERP on Salesforce

Rootstock provides us with a complete ERP package that allows us to grow and customize changes as we need. Although it was built primarily as an MRP application, we have been able to tweak it with Rootstock to make it suitable for our job-shop environment.

Truly Enterprise Grade ERP

Rootstock’s team of engineers and consultants bring deep knowledge of manufacturing and software processes to the table. Leveraging the full power of the Salesforce platform, Rootstock Software brings the back office to the Salesforce world with an unprecedented feature set that, together with our own custom software built on natively on Salesforce, allows us to host our entire end-to-end enterprise software solution in the cloud. Inventory, Purchasing, and MRP are all key elements to making our back office a success and Rootstock brings it all in a well-integrated fashion. This isn’t manufacturing lite. This is the real thing – now in the cloud. The time has come for the cloud to challenge what has traditionally been an on-premise solution and Rootstock is the team who is taking it there for the Salesforce community.

Rootstock Cloud ERP on Salesforce Platform

Having my ERP data on my cloud platform eliminates the need to integrate back-office data to CRM and provides real time visibility into my available inventory, promise date and also to pricing and costs.

½ Great product, great service

Customer service has been excellent. We like how well the product integrates into the platform, which was an important consideration in selecting it in the first place. We like the fact that it is a cloud-based, web-based app. We like the degree to which we can customize the product, from views and reports, to custom fields, objects, workflows, etc. Very comprehensive and powerful system.

Praise for Rootstock Customer Service

Excellent support

I have been working with Rootstock’s personnel for over a year now on a customer’s integration and I had an excellent support from requirements to post-integration tweaking. The integrations with other parts of the production modules developed in Salesforce were complex and critical for the customer. But we did it and it is reliable. They are doing a great job!

Great customer support

We’ve been using Rootstock for over 2 1/2 years now. Having already been on the Salesforce platform and adding this has helped to improve our business. They are great in helping us in customization as our company is not a typical manufacturer. Their customer support team is very responsive and very helpful. We are now working with them in moving to lightning. This is a great tool.

Great Product and Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is beyond exceptional, 5 stars.

“Rootstock ERP will help facilitate precise production, inventory, and supply chain management, enabling our company to be highly responsive to market needs.”

Tim Purdie, CIO & CIS, Aphria