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Built on the Salesforce Platform 15 years ago, Rootstock Cloud ERP helps manufacturers thrive.

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How can Rootstock Cloud ERP help Salesforce win more manufacturers?

Rootstock is native to the Salesforce Platform, sharing the same cloud and data model. Combined with Salesforce CRM, Rootstock gives manufacturers a single, 360° customer view to adapt to change, transform how they operate, and thrive. Together, Salesforce and Rootstock deliver CRM, Service Cloud, ERP, and more, all on one platform.

  • Help manufacturers build a connected, modern enterprise with powerful features to enable automated production and capacity planning, complete inventory management, and customized analytic dashboards.
  • Enable tight alignment and communication between Operations and Sales with visibility into customer activity, supply chains, production schedules, margins, shipments, field service, and more.
  • Easily extend and customize using a combination of “clicks, not code,” the AppExchange, and native mobile and AI capabilities to fit any manufacturer’s needs.

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Reasons Your Customers Need ERP on Salesforce

One Cloud, One Platform, One View for Manufacturing Enterprises

Real-time 360-degree visibility of customers and supply chain from ERP to CRM

Reduce IT costs and complexity with one cloud platform built to scale with your digital transformation journey

Save time and increase team productivity across the enterprise, connecting sales, inventory, fulfillment & financial work streams

Trusted data and KPIs across teams with a single data model to minimize errors

Stimulate user engagement and ease adoption with a user-friendly interface and low-code customization platform

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“While CRM is important, manufacturers consider ERP the engine for their business. Rootstock Manufacturing ERP, built on the Salesforce Platform, picks up where Sales Cloud leaves off so their system of engagement works with their operations systems seamlessly.”

Frank Borovsky
former Salesforce leader, MAE

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