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Modern Cloud Manufacturing ERP Solutions

Rootstock Cloud ERP solutions are purpose-built for manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain companies looking to digitally transform their businesses. Built natively on the future-proof Salesforce Platform, Rootstock supports your industry’s unique business data needs.

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Purpose-Built Cloud ERP for Business, Tailored for Manufacturing

Future-Proofed ERP Platform

  • Lower IT costs and complexity
  • Reduced integration risk
  • Trusted KPIs using a common data model

Comprehensive Control

  • 360° supply chain connectivity & visibility
  • Increased productivity & control
  • Single source of business truth

Accelerated Success

  • Faster time to value
  • Purpose-built to ease learning, adoption, and tailoring
  • High-touch implementation & service teams

Cloud-Based ERP Solutions for Manufacturing Industry


Rootstock Cloud-Based ERP software helps Aerospace & Defense manufacturers manage costs, maintain quality, and get products to market faster.


With Rootstock, cannabis companies seamlessly automate inventory and supply chain processes while accommodating constantly changing compliance requirements.

Discrete Manufacturing

Seamlessly manage the entire seed to sales process with advanced cost controls and maintain traceability for optimal compliance with Rootstock ERP.


Rootstock Cloud ERP helps Engineer to Order (ETO) manufacturers manage these constantly changing environments by connecting the entire enterprise to one ERP system.


With Rootstock, high-tech manufacturers can manage high-volume production, deliver innovative products to market faster, and guarantee an enhanced customer experience.


Rootstock クラウド ERPは、産業機器および機械メーカーがコストとリードタイムを削減し、複雑なビルドをより効率的に管理し、真に競争力のある顧客体験を提供するのに役立ちます。


Rootstock Cloud ERP helps medical device manufacturers move innovative products to market faster, comply with stringent regulatory requirements, and deliver a personalized customer experience.


Rootstock helps Project Manufacturers manage their ever-changing environments by integrating engineering, sales, operations, procurement, materials, planning, and production on an infrastructure designed for communication.


流通用Rootstock クラウド ERPは、あらゆる規模の卸売業者が、変化する顧客需要、複雑な在庫、サプライチェーンの変動を管理できるようにします。

“We needed an ERP system we could easily customize to meet our evolving needs, that would grow with us, and would be around for many years to come, no matter how big we got.”

Glenn Judd
VP of Operations and Engineering, Nanophase Technology Corp.