In our previous post, we outlined five important questions to ask each software vendor during the process of evaluating cloud ERP software. Here are five more questions you need ask:

Does the vendor have the right industry experience?

You’re a manufacturer and you need a cloud ERP solution that is designed specifically to support manufacturing business processes. It’s that simple. While many vendors have broad solutions that promise to support many different industries, these software products often lack many important features for manufacturers. Only a cloud ERP vendor with years of manufacturing experience and insight can deliver a solution specific to your business. Vendors like Rootstock Software on the Salesforce platform are steeped in manufacturing industry knowledge and they have designed their software with your specific business needs in mind.

Can I integrate the software with my current tools or systems?

Cloud ERP software that can easily integrate with your current tools and systems will help your firm realize the benefits of cloud ERP faster. Perhaps you’re already using CRM software such as Salesforce CRM. If you select a cloud ERP solution on the Salesforce platform such as Rootstock Software, your implementation will be much smoother than if you try to mix and match software from different cloud platforms. Furthermore, the Salesforce platform is home to an entire ecosystem of compatible products that integrate out of the box, so you will be able to easily add more apps on that platform as your company evolves.

How will the solution be implemented?

While implementing a cloud-based ERP solution is more cost-efficient than traditional on-premise ERP systems, you still need to know how the implementation will affect your business. Is the vendor dedicated to your firm and your implementation? Does the vendor have sufficient resources to implement and maintain the software? What about updates? Is your company a priority to the vendor? Which departments and operations in your firm can expect to be affected and for how long? These are important questions to ask each vendor before you make a final decision.

What kind of training is available?

Ask each vendor what kind of training he or she offer. You want your employees to get up to speed as quickly as possible with the new software so you should know what the vendor is willing to provide. Does the vendor offer online or onsite training or both? How many users in your firm will require training? In which departments? How much will the training cost? The needs of your organization will drive the training requirements.

What kind of support is available?

Software updates, simple and problem-free maintenance and fast responses to issues are all critical considerations when evaluating cloud ERP solutions. The vendor may offer support directly or it may come from a third party. There may be different levels of support, with the lowest level of support included with the software and the highest level of support available for a fee. Determine what level of support your organization will need and how it will be delivered. You want a software vendor who can deliver support when you need it.


The evaluation process is critical to the success of your new cloud ERP software and your company’s future. Don’t get stuck with the wrong cloud ERP solution for your manufacturing firm. Ask every software vendor under consideration the right questions and don’t be satisfied until all of your questions have been answered.