Holiday gift-giving is usually a joy but can sometimes be an awkward test of a relationship. How much do you spend? What color socks do they really want? Will they be offended if that velvet robe is the wrong size? Were they expecting something else? Do you even get them a gift at all?

And that’s just for friends and family. What do you get your colleagues?

This year, we’re making it easy with this simple guide. Who wouldn’t want a new ebook or a helpful evaluation guide? Yeah, we know! All of your coworkers will be so thrilled to have one of these great gifts from you this year. Best of all, there’s no waiting in line at the mall, no boxes to wrap, no standing at the post office to mail a package; it’s all digital. You’ll be the most popular person on the video call!

So here are 5 perfect gifts for those colleagues on your list, especially those still struggling with legacy ERP.

#1 – 50 Ways to Get ROI from Cloud ERP

When you pitch Cloud ERP to your colleagues, you know it will bring huge benefits. But don’t draw a blank when they ask for specifics. This list details 50 ROI-driving areas where Cloud ERP provides tangible benefits. And there is something for everyone on your list with benefits for manufacturing, inventory management, supply chain, financials, customer service, IT, workforce modernization, and more.

Get 50 Ways to Get ROI from Cloud ERP today.

#2 – 2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide

After everything that’s happened this past year, who wants a gift with “2020” stamped on it? That’s right: no one. So, give the gift that keeps your colleagues looking forward to a brighter future with our 2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide. It will help anyone thinking about ERP modernization and operational transformation. It’s full of tips and tricks, and even offers a checklist to help teams determine which vendors should be on their Cloud ERP shortlist.

Get the 2021 Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide today.

#3 – Rootstock Cloud ERP for Manufacturing, Inventory, Distribution, and Supply Chain

Don’t keep all the holiday goodness (and Cloud ERP benefits) locked within your own team. Share the ROI joy with this short video demonstrating how Rootstock Cloud ERP gives you complete visibility across your entire business. From supply chain and manufacturing to inventory and customer service, it puts your entire business on one platform. That makes you faster and more efficient, too, so it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Watch (and share) this Cloud ERP video today.

#4 – Cloud ERP for Dummies – Manufacturing Edition

This book is the perfect gift to help your colleagues get through those long winter nights. Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a good book covering the limitations of legacy ERP, key elements of a successful Cloud ERP evaluation, and tips for Cloud ERP implementation? It was written especially for manufacturing companies, so it has just the right focus for everyone on your team.

Get “Cloud ERP for Dummies – Manufacturing Edition” today.

#5 – Don’t Forget the Kiddos with this Manufacturing Coloring Book

If you’re trying to get some last-minute work or shopping done before the holidays, or just want a few peaceful moments to yourself, give the kids in your life this delightful manufacturing coloring book. You can email it to friends and family, share it with colleagues, or print it out for a quick and colorful distraction. And, if you want to grab a crayon and give yourself a few quiet minutes to decompress after this very, very, very long year, we won’t judge.

Get the Manufacturing Coloring Book today.

We hope these “gifts” help you ring in the new year with a rekindled appreciation for operational effectiveness, a focused effort of digital transformation, and a solid plan for ERP modernization. The past year has been a struggle for everyone and every business. But Cloud ERP can make your operations more resilient to overcome the challenges of 2020 and make 2021 a year of speed, efficiency, and agility.

From all of us at Rootstock, we sincerely wish you and yours a happy holiday and a sparkling new year!