5 Scary Reasons to Drop Legacy ERP and Move to the CloudIt’s frightening to think of the money and time you’re wasting with a legacy ERP system. But as the days grow shorter and the long, cold winter approaches, the business Grim Reaper (and your competitors) continue to creep up behind you as you struggle to pull your operations out of the muck and mire of slow ERP, incomplete data, and frustrated workers.

#1 – Keep bleeding maintenance fees or heal the wound?

Legacy ERP costs millions of dollars, but then those haunting vendors have the gall to stab you with 15-25% in annual maintenance fees. Forever! If it’s a very old system, you’re probably not even getting anything for those fees. Instead, cut your losses and run to a more modern, cloud-based ERP system that foregoes huge upfront costs and equally monstrous maintenance fees for a relatively low software-as-a-service model. You’ll get constant updates, pay only for what you use, and stop the bleeding of maintenance fees forever.

#2 – Make IT constantly fight evil or let a hero crush the phantoms?

The battle over on-premise versus cloud-based costs and benefits was fought long ago. Staffing up your expensive IT team to maintain and patch a scary old ERP system is no way to build sustainable competitiveness. But as you stick with an older system, it keeps getting more expensive to maintain, both in infrastructure costs and the skills needed to understand and work with such an old system. Modern, cloud-based ERP takes care of everything so you can just get to work improving your operations. And when it comes to customizations, low-code ERP lets your skillful business users make changes, add new screens and workflows, and even build custom mobile apps.

#3 – Be zombie slow or lightning fast?

Using a legacy ERP system is the opposite, where every extra minute or frustrating wait for a screen refresh adds up to make your business slow to a crawl. And you’re not just paying for workers to wait, you’re missing out on having them use ERP insights to add real value to your operations. Modern ERP offloads the work to the cloud, where massive amounts of computing power and modern data storage work tirelessly to give your people exactly what they need, instantly.

#4 – Get sucked into the quicksand or run away from the swamp?

A slow, tired, legacy ERP system doesn’t just suck the life out of your operations, it slows down your entire business. IT wastes time constantly saving it from distress, your teams get dragged into slow interfaces and incomplete insights, and the c-suite tires of your constant excuses. But modern ERP solutions give you the speed and agility to not only keep up with fast-moving competitors and customers, it lets you run free of the spooky bog of indecision and inaction.

#5 – Throw your workers into the depths or pull them up into the light?

No one wants to descend those dark, creaky steps into the ghoulish basement of haunting screams and dislodged souls. But that’s exactly what you’re asking workers to do when you present them with your legacy ERP. The best and brightest workers—exactly who you want on your team—don’t want to be pushed into a creepy old system that is just going to frustrate them and hold them back. They expect fast, modern, intuitive tools that enhance what they do. Cloud-based ERP with low-code customizations gives these new operations heroes the apps and intelligence of their dreams, making your business a bright, shiny, happy place.

What’s your biggest fear from legacy ERP? We’re pretty confident cloud-based ERP can solve it. And, instead of constantly running, screaming into the dark, modern ERP can show you the path out of the fog and into the light so you can slay your operations demons and get ahead of those ghastly competitors, once and for all.