Enterprise Mobility for Agile BusinessesThe pervasive use of mobile devices in every part of a business today requires companies to evaluate their current investments in Digital Transformation related to transacting anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The capabilities of mobile devices today support many use cases that have enabled the workforce to freely execute operations outside their traditional desktops. Bar codes, QR Codes, NFC, IoT devices operating in a connected fashion over Bluetooth, WiFi, and 5G networks are only going to increase the use cases for mobility.

How can enterprises protect their digital investments that will drive unlimited expansion with the growth of such mobile use cases? Here are some considerations for making informed decisions.

1) The Power of Digital Core on Mobile

For companies that rely on robust Manufacturing, Distribution, and Supply Chain operations as a critical part of their business, more transactions like inventory management, purchase receipts, etc., are happening away from the desktop. To be more productive, users that deal with such transactions need these capabilities available to them anytime, anywhere, and on any device. They provide operational efficiencies, improved productivity, and reduced costs that directly affect the bottom-line.

2) Personalized Mobile Experience

While Enterprise Applications are traditionally designed for the desktop, the expectations are very different for mobile devices. Today’s new workforce has some basic expectations regarding the simplicity and speed of transactions. The operations need to be intuitive, relevant, and context-sensitive based on location, time, user role, user preferences, and many other factors. Hence, a “mobile-first” mindset must take into consideration the environmental factors under which the user is operating.

3) Agile Mobile Experience

Companies must continuously reinvent to stay competitive. The rapid business transformation in enterprise applications is often focused on the desktop experience first, then on the mobile experience. Successful businesses will have to think about bringing this agility to the work and workforce that is closer to the transactions at the same pace. When this becomes the requirement, the critical question becomes – how do you orchestrate this change at a lower cost and minimize the complexity of operations?

Bringing the robustness of a digital core to mobile devices doesn’t have to be complex and expensive if you have a well-thought-out plan to invest in a solution that provides flexibility, configurability, and longevity to protect business resources (workforce, assets, time, and cash). If helping your customers by providing reliable goods and services is critical, you have to consider investing in a solution designed for such considerations.

At Rootstock, we pride ourselves on a robust Cloud ERP that not only helps our customers reliably operate their manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain operations, but also extends this investment by flexibly executing the transactions anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Built on the Salesforce Platform, Rootstock ERP provides an extensive set of functionalities with the unlimited growth possibilities that come with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other platform capabilities with a Mobile offering.

If you would like to see Rootstock’s mobile applications in action, watch this 30-minute demo and see why Rootstock Mobile is for everyone from the shop floor to the top floor. You will learn how Rootstock Mobile:

  • Gives everyone in your organization access to reporting, dashboards, and AI-powered analytics
  • Leverages the camera on mobile devices to scan barcodes and capture images as attachments to transactions
  • Creates tailored mobile experiences quickly and easily with clicks, not code

Connect with us and see how we can bring the innovation in Rootstock Cloud ERP to provide an attractive ROI for your investment in Digital Transformation efforts.