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It’s always best to get some advice before you dive into any major project. Those who’ve done it before tend to know where the traps, challenges, and roadblocks are likely to appear. Even better is advice from those who’ve done similar projects dozens of times before. They’ve seen the same challenges over and over and know how to avoid them and how to make better choices along the way.

Deploying a new cloud ERP solution is no different. As more and more companies ditch the slow, complex, and disconnected legacy ERP that’s holding them back, they’re discovering the value, speed, and connectivity a cloud-based platform brings to their business. But getting from legacy ERP to the proven benefits of cloud ERP is faster and less stressful if you know what to avoid and where to pay closer attention.

Since cloud ERP has the potential to improve so many aspects of your business, it requires a lot of upfront thought and communication to ensure a smooth rollout. Having professional advice and guidance along the way is an obvious way to add the needed expertise to your team. But there are also a handful of common mistakes that organizations can easily avoid—if you knew about them before you get started.

Download the new “10 Mistakes to Avoid with Cloud ERP” ebook today.

Our professional services, customer support, and sales teams work with customers every day to overcome their operational challenges. It would be amazing if we could just give them Rootstock Cloud ERP, flip a switch, and eliminate all their problems in an instant. But we all know that’s not realistic (yet!). What we do know is companies of all sizes and across all industries make the same mistakes if they’re not familiar with ERP deployments and the many, many considerations required for success. That’s why we’ve assembled these 10 common mistakes in this new ebook and offer insights to help you avoid them.

These 10 mistakes cover the gamut from the big and strategic to the seemingly obvious. Mistake #1 is simply not knowing why you really need cloud ERP in the first place, while mistake #7 is limiting your vendor evaluations to just the same big-name vendors you already know. The other 8 mistakes are equally useful, and can help improve the chances of success for your cloud ERP project. They’ll also make you look like an ERP superhero!

Download the new “10 Mistakes to Avoid with Cloud ERP” ebook today, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions on these or other cloud ERP topics.