Manufacturers need speed and flexibility to meet shifting customer demands, keep up with more agile competitors, and modernize their operations. But while technology, specifically ERP, is the key for manufacturers, it is increasingly difficult to make fast improvements when you’re stuck on an old, legacy ERP system.

Reliance on technology has turned every business into a software business. Today, business performance depends on the systems you run. If they’re fast, flexible, and can be customized to fit your needs, you’ll take the lead over competitors. But only modern ERP gives you the power and speed to make easy, fast, and inexpensive customizations: it’s called low-code ERP, and it changes everything.

Read the Get Manufacturing Agility with Low-code ERP ebook that explains how modern ERP solutions take a “clicks not code” approach to customizations.

Low-code ERP gives your internal admins and power users the power to create new screens, mobile apps, and custom processes without getting into the underlying software code.

The ebook covers how low-code ERP works, where it can help manufacturers specifically, and how it changes the fundamental approach to customization so you can create entirely new experiences.

You’ll also learn how low-code ERP, when built on the Salesforce platform, gives you the power to pull in sales, customer, inventory, order, and other data to help everyone from Sales and Shipping to Quality Control to Customer Service. You can also pull in Salesforce components and innovations, like Chatter, Einstein Artificial Intelligence, and Analytics to automatically generate reports, send alerts, and intelligently change processes mid-flow based on current information.

This low-code approach also helps you mobilize both your workforce and your information. Since low-code lets you quickly build smartphone and tablet apps to empower workers with information at their fingertips. Now you can create tailored mobile apps to give workers step-by-step instructions, based on real-time information, to reduce errors and rework, increase productivity and efficiency, and much more—all without expensive IT projects or the traditional pain of customization efforts.

Get Manufacturing Agility with Low-code ERP eBook explains the benefits low-code customizations bring to manufacturers. Download the eBook today.