For over 15 years, discrete manufacturers have chosen Rootstock Software to digitally transform their businesses.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, Rootstock offers a native connection between its Manufacturing ERP and other manufacturing applications that are part of the Salesforce ecosystem. As a result, many manufacturers utilize Rootstock Manufacturing Cloud ERP as their centralized control hub to oversee their entire operation.

By empowering manufacturers to navigate ongoing challenges and to scale for growth in spite of the hurdles, it’s no surprise that Rootstock is an award-winning, cloud-based ERP that continues to be ranked among the top ERP solutions in the market.

Here are six reasons Rootstock consistently makes the list of top Manufacturing ERP solutions:

1. Designed for Manufacturers and Evolving to Meet Their Needs

Manufacturers’ needs are as unique as the products they make, which is why they need an ERP that can be configured to their specific process requirements.

Rootstock Manufacturing Cloud ERP is purpose-built for manufacturing, so it supports the industry’s unique workstreams for inventory, production operations, and financial management. Our solution provides real-time, end-to-end oversight for various manufacturing modes and can support a range of company sizes—from small, growth-oriented organizations to large enterprises with multiple sites and thousands of users.

Rootstock continues to hone its ERP solution to make manufacturers more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. For example, Rootstock launched Digital Supplier Collaboration to help manufacturers connect their supply chain to the broader Signal Chain. By monitoring signals, they can work closely with suppliers to mitigate any disruptive impact to their plan-source-make-and-deliver cycles.

2. Developed and Supported by Manufacturing Experts

Rootstock understands the challenges manufacturers face because many of our executives and staff members previously worked for these same types of companies. Our management team brings rich manufacturing experience to the development of our ERP. Our staff members’ backgrounds range from leading software companies to manufacturing and even using Rootstock first-hand as customers.

We also ensure our channel partners have this same level of expertise, carefully selecting partners for their knowledge and experience in implementing Rootstock Manufacturing ERP.

3. Built on the Salesforce Platform

Rootstock is the only Manufacturing Cloud ERP built on the same platform as the top CRM solution—Salesforce Sales Cloud. By using Rootstock and Salesforce together, manufacturers gain 360° visibility from their customer to their entire value chain. The resulting unified data set allows manufacturers to oversee costs, materials, logistics and more from one centralized hub.

In addition, manufacturers often have anywhere from 50 to over 100 other business solutions. Since Rootstock is native to Salesforce, manufacturers benefit from its ability to plug-n-play with other enterprise and point solutions. There are over 7000 applications available from the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace. As a result, manufacturing customers can choose pre-integrated solutions without having to worry about custom integrations which can be complex, fragile, and costly.

4. A Future-Proof Solution

Manufacturers need the agility to adapt to changing market conditions, and they need to be able to launch new products and leverage new business models—such as recurring-revenue models and offering personalized products.

Since our ERP solution is on Salesforce, Rootstock’s manufacturing customers also gain access to the platform’s latest capabilities, such as Salesforce Lightning to build screens and custom digital experiences.

Rootstock also works to incorporate Salesforce’s latest product innovations, including generative AI with Einstein GPT, and other AI capabilities, such as Einstein Discovery—all of which are helping to power the next revolution in manufacturing.

5. Manufacturers See Strong ROI with Rootstock

The advantages of Rootstock Cloud ERP include rapid implementation, lower capital expenditures, and a faster time to value. With Rootstock, manufacturers can expect to see over four times (4x) the ROI of on-premise deployments.

That’s what analyst firm Nucleus Research found. In addition, after interviewing several Rootstock customers, their analysts determined that Rootstock was able to help manufacturers:

  • Reduce ERP implementation times by six months
  • Slash IT overhead by 40%
  • Streamline accounts receivable cycles by 50%
  • Cut lead-to-cash times by 75%

Rootstock customer Matouk achieved a stunning 233% ROI within six months of implementing Rootstock Cloud ERP for its luxury bed linen business.

6. Enabling Customer Success

At Rootstock, we’re also passionate about customer enablement. Our Learning Center has become a cornerstone for product training and knowledge, and we’ve integrated our customer enablement program to work hand-in-hand with our professional services and customer success teams, so there’s seamless support for customers through the entire journey—from sales, implementation, and ongoing innovation with our ERP solution.

We also offer the Rootstock Customer Success Community, an online destination that gives customers a way to network with their peers, as well as with Rootstock subject matter experts and business partners. Customers can share and benefit from tips, tricks, and best practices, which can help them facilitate higher levels of efficiency, as well as use of data and analytics for even greater value.

The ERP Leader

With Rootstock, manufacturers get more from their IT spend. They’re empowered to respond to market volatility and, ultimately, improve profitability, which is why industry analysts continue to rank Rootstock as an ERP Leader.

To see for yourself why Rootstock is one of the top Manufacturing ERP solutions and how we can help your manufacturing business overcome challenges and accelerate growth, schedule a demo today.