It’s good to finally put 2020 behind us, but the personal and economic impacts will continue to be felt for years to come. That’s especially true for the medical device industry. And, as you continue to recover from the chaos and disruptions, resilience and agility are going to define which companies come out of 2021 successfully.

What’s become clear, however, is that those who ran their operations on modern, connected, cloud-based platforms were not only better able to react during the early days of the pandemic, they were able to quickly rebound even in the midst of uncertainty. Medical device manufacturers who lacked that technology foundation were left to struggle without the necessary visibility, speed, and flexibility.

Our newest white paper, 6 Requirements For Medical Device Manufacturers in 2021, is precisely for those medical device manufacturers seeking to modernize their operations to overcome the challenges felt in 2020. It details six concrete ways you can build agility into your medical device operations. Here’s a quick overview.

Transform Your Operations

Regulatory compliance is one of the biggest demands of medical device manufacturers. But modern solutions can enable full traceability down to the lot and serial number level, and further connect that data to purchase orders, inventory, machine bookings, and more. These insights then offer easier auditing, faster reporting, and more accurate dashboards to run your operations.

Traceability provides detailed product information, but inventory management expands that lens to give you control over how those products, components, and raw materials are manufactured, stored, packaged, and shipped. Leading solutions for medical device manufacturers also provide artificial intelligence and multidimensional analytics to further help you improve productivity, automate reports, and develop agile, efficient operational plans.

Connecting suppliers and partners provides a comprehensive view of your operations and builds the relationships with those vendors with real-time data insights, modern collaboration tools, and integrations with your ERP, CRM, quality, and other solutions to keep everyone always in the loop.

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Build a Foundation for Growth

With operations that are more agile and resilient, it’s important to remove any internal barriers to growth. The capabilities mentioned above come into play here, too. Medical device manufacturers must be prepared for continuing change and uncertainty. Connectivity between operations, sales, quality, customer service and support, and other teams is table stakes, especially in 2021. In fact, solutions exist that can support advance and robust capabilities for all those teams—and others—on a single platform.

Of course, building a foundation for tomorrow’s success requires a solution built for growth, flexibility, and today’s business expectations. A cloud-based operations and ERP platforms continue to be the most efficient, flexible, and cost-effective available. Mobile capabilities are also critical for success, since they give workers on the plant floor, at a customer site, or anywhere, the ability to not just work, but to be more informed, proactive, and effective.

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Get the White Paper

To learn how medical device manufacturers should approach these imperatives, and what you should look for when creating your shortlist of solution providers, download the full white paper today. It dives into the details of these six imperatives and explains why they’re critical to medical device manufacturing success.

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