Manufacturing Technology Webinar: Unlocking ERP’s Full Potential with Platform Consolidation and AI Capabilities

Rootstock Software’s Stu Johnson and Nucleus Research’s Isaac Gould discuss the latest trends in the Manufacturing ERP market

San Ramon, CA (November 1, 2023) – Rootstock Software, a recognized leader in the Manufacturing Cloud ERP space, is hosting a webinar, “What’s Next in Manufacturing ERP: Insights from Nucleus Research,” on November 15 at 10:00 am PT. The session will be led by Stu Johnson, VP of Product Marketing at Rootstock Software, as a one-on-one discussion with featured guest, Isaac Gould, Research Manager at Nucleus Research.

“We’re at an exciting crossroads in ERP evolution,” said Stu Johnson. “AI is rapidly reshaping the ERP landscape. In the webinar, we’ll provide a practical lay of the land in terms of the latest in ERP developments. We’ll demystify the buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and delve into tangible applications for mid-market manufacturers. What manufacturers want most are actionable insights that can enhance their own judgments. Sophisticated decisioning capabilities enable them to focus on what they do best—delivering great products and customer service.”

Gould is the author of the “SMB ERP Technology Value Matrix 2023.” He will explain his methodology in ranking ERP solutions, discuss ROI that Rootstock customers said they have received, and the subsequent ranking that Rootstock earned on the matrix.

“This year, a key trend in the ERP market has been the movement toward platform consolidation,” said Isaac Gould. “This shift has largely been driven by the needs of small- to mid-market manufacturers. A platform approach helps these companies reduce IT burden, eliminate data silos, and decrease tech costs. With the right ERP platform, the whole process—from customer order to last-mile delivery—can be consolidated and better managed for optimal production, efficiency, and savings.”

Johnson and Gould will also discuss the following hot ERP topics:

  • Continuous planning: Manufacturers want continuous updates on various supply and demand factors. That way, they can transition from the traditional static approach to a more dynamic one. Sales and operations planning must incorporate incoming signals on raw materials, labor, machinery, and logistics. With a platform approach, all systems use the same data model, so companies can continually monitor and streamline the planning process.
  • Specific challenges for SMB manufacturers: These organizations often lack the IT staff and resources to integrate and manage complex enterprise systems. A platform approach allows them to deploy native “plug-and-play” capabilities, rather than having to deal with costly and disruptive integrations.
  • End-to-end automation. Today, manufacturers are demanding more automation in middle-office and back-office operations. With the right platform, manufacturing ERP customers can tailor their users’ experience with low-code configuration capabilities and pre-defined flows that automate processes.

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