Rootstock Software® Appoints Two Executives to Foster and Accelerate Customer Success with Its Cloud ERP

Appointments Include Zach Feige to Vice President of Professional Services and Scott Johnson to Senior Vice President of Customer Operations

San Ramon, CA (January 13, 2021)Rootstock Software, a leading provider of cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions built on the Salesforce platform, today appointed two executives to continue bolstering customer success. The appointments include Zach Feige to Vice President of Professional Services and Scott Johnson to Senior Vice President of Customer Operations. Both Feige and Johnson will report to CRO David Stephans.

“We’ve always had a strong customer-centric culture,” said David Stephans. “Now, with the addition of Zach’s expertise driving ERP implementations and Scott’s focus on engaging with customers throughout the project life cycle, we’re broadening and deepening our support of customers, helping them achieve their business objectives and a return on investment in an accelerated time frame.”

“I’m thrilled to join Rootstock,” said Zach Feige. “It’s a rapidly growing company with unique capabilities in the cloud ERP space. In my tenure in the industry, I’ve come across many systems with significant limitations and integration challenges, but Rootstock is a truly extensible ERP solution. It’s the most flexible ERP I’ve seen in the manufacturing space.”

Stephans added, “What’s great about Zach is his background spans many different manufacturing industries, so he’s well equipped to lead deployments to various types and sizes of companies, including global manufacturers. He’ll be able to jump in and immediately contribute to our company’s success, helping us scale services to meet the needs of a growing number of customers and to maximize customer value during implementation.”

Feige has over 20 years of experience digitally transforming manufacturing businesses. In the past, he’s served as Vice President of Professional Services at Plex Systems, where he was responsible for ERP implementations. He’s also held senior leadership roles in manufacturing automotive, high-tech, steel processing, and distribution companies.

With the second appointment, Scott Johnson is receiving a promotion; he previously served as Vice President of Product Management and Support. In his new role, he leads the customer success management and support team. He also allies with Feige’s professional services team during implementations, familiarizing customers with the latest tools and features, particularly those in the new Low-Code ERP release. This release has been experiencing wide-scale adoption, and Johnson’s team provides an exceptional customer experience with the solution.

“Scott has established new standards of excellence in customer relationships,” said Stephans. “He has in-depth knowledge of Rootstock ERP, not just from within our company but also as a customer for many years. As a result, he understands from the customer’s perspective what it means to run a business with our ERP solution. He’s been the voice of the customer and a champion for the customer within Rootstock.”

“Our customer success team is engaged, proactive and gets involved with customers from the start – during implementation,” said Johnson. “In this way, we get to know customers early. We’re showing them the latest capabilities and how our ERP is configurable to their needs – whether it’s designing a dashboard or launching a mobile app. We show them use cases, and from there, many customers can run with it. In essence, they’re empowered with the self-service knowledge to fulfill their own needs.”

Johnson has over 30 years of experience in supply chain and manufacturing management with an emphasis in information systems. Prior to Rootstock, he worked at SolarCity/Tesla and Seagate Technologies. He has extensive experience working for large to small technology companies and solar energy startups.

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Rootstock Software is a worldwide provider of cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform. When combined with Salesforce CRM, Rootstock Cloud ERP offers manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain organizations a single platform to grow and manage their businesses. Rootstock Cloud ERP is a flexible, modern, and digitally connected system that transforms companies to deliver a more personalized customer experience, efficiently scale operations, and out-service the competition.

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