2020 Is the Year to Kick Off a New ERP Evaluation

2020 Is the Year to Kick Off a New ERP Evaluation

Cloud ERP Evaluation Resources

We know that picking the right ERP solution for your business is a challenging process. The large number of ERP vendors and competing solutions can be overwhelming, and mistakes made during the ERP evaluation process can lead to unexpected results, including large costs for your company.

That’s why Rootstock Software has put together useful resources to help you with your ERP evaluation project.

If you’re ready to evaluate ERP solutions but you’re not sure where to begin, Rootstock has the perfect resources for you.

  • Cloud ERP for Dummies – This eBook is the perfect place to start your cloud ERP journey. In this book, you will learn how cloud ERP can help you solve today’s challenges for your manufacturing organization. Chapters include such important topics as exploring cloud ERP solutions, manufacturing use cases, mistakes to avoid in your cloud ERP evaluation, managing a cloud ERP evaluation project, and more.
  • The Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide for Manufacturers – If your organization is considering replacing its current ERP solution, download and read this eBook written by Brian Sommer of Vital Analysis.
  • The Basics of Evaluating Cloud ERP – This easy to follow step-by-step guide will help guide you through the entire ERP evaluation process, from getting organized to getting references.

Get Started with ERP

If you are completely new to ERP, then Cloud ERP Basics is a good place to start.

Cloud ERP Basics is designed to help those new to ERP or those who want to brush up on the latest generation of ERP. You will learn everything from the basic principles of ERP, how the underlying technology of ERP has changed and the important role of ERP in a modern manufacturing organization.

Cloud ERP Basics includes these sections:

Deepen Your ERP Knowledge

If you already have some experience with ERP, we have a variety of resources to help you deepen your knowledge.

Gartner Report: 2019 Strategic Roadmap for Postmodern ERP – This report provides expert insights on ERP, including how to successfully migrate to the next generation of ERP, improve business outcomes, avoid best-of-breed nightmare scenarios, and become more customer focused.

50 Ways to Get ROI From Cloud ERP – This white paper gives you 50 different ways, across five different domains, that cloud ERP can deliver ROI to your business.

Rootstock Delivers on the Value Proposition of the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud – This paper by research firm Mint Jutras will explain Rootstock Cloud ERP’s key role with Salesforce in helping manufacturing organizations achieve a 360° view of the customer.

Solving the Manufacturing Workforce Crisis – Fueled by retiring baby boomers, the lack of available young people to replace them, and a skills gap, the workforce crisis is a growing threat to the future of manufacturing. This eBook describes how other companies are addressing the problem and the role of ERP in solving it.

In addition to all these resources, check out the Rootstock Cloud ERP Blog for the latest information about ERP and manufacturing.