There’s a new IDC paper, published just this week, which quantifies the collective global impact of what IDC calls the “Salesforce Economy.” That’s the term IDC uses to describe the ecosystem of Salesforce, it’s partners and customers.

IDC expects the Salesforce Economy will create 3.3 million jobs and $859 billion in new business revenues worldwide by 2022. Rootstock has built our cloud-based ERP solutions on the Salesforce platform, and we’re proud to be a part of that Salesforce Economy. It’s one reason why we’ve been able to deliver so much value to our customers, and why their ongoing digital transformations are so successful.

Exciting as it is to see our great partner, Salesforce, recognized by IDC, there’s other news out of Salesforce that we think is even more noteworthy because it will have a direct impact on the ability of our customers to drive innovation at their organizations.

Salesforce announces big upgrades to AppExchange

As of October 24, the Salesforce AppExchange is offering new features you can use to further customize your AppExchange experience. Upgrades like intelligent search, personalized recommendations and embedded Trailhead Learning will make it easier for you to tap into the Salesforce ecosystem and install trusted solutions from its expanded portfolio of Lightning apps, Bolts, Data, industry solutions (like Rootstock) and more.

What does this mean for Rootstock, and more importantly for our customers? Why should Rootstock customers (and prospects) be excited about the new AppExchange? Let’s take a closer look at that question.

These improvements reinforce Rootstock’s decision to build on the Salesforce platform in the first place.

According to Rootstock CEO Pat Garrehy, “Six years ago, we saw the opportunity and believed we could build a very robust Cloud ERP Manufacturing system on a contemporary PaaS ecosystem faster than anyone else on the market” and be ready to satisfy the emerging needs of manufacturers.

“We knew the functionality required by large companies and we knew that it was critical to choose the right technology,” Garrehy continues. “We chose Salesforce because we recognized that Salesforce was riding the crest of the new cloud momentum, and that they were building a partner ecosystem with their technology…and that their technology was industrial strength. The Salesforce platform enabled us to develop a ‘best of breed’ strategy on a single technology.”

Even before these AppExchange upgrades, being built on the Salesforce cloud has created benefits for our customers.

“We love that the Salesforce cloud is very stable,” Garrehy notes. “Having been on the Salesforce platform for more than six years now, I can attest that the downtime is nearly nil.” The benefit to manufacturers of reliable up time is fairly obvious.

“We also love that there are so many capabilities that are part of the platform, such as workflows, mobile, dashboards, and the future integration of AI and IoT.” In other words, the Salesforce platform delivers a great deal of flexibility, so Rootstock customers can readily customize their solution to their particular needs.

The new AppExchange will further enhance the ability of our customers to drive innovation and transformation.

Rootstock has always seen the AppExchange as an important resource for our customers who want best of breed options to meet their business needs. For prospects, as they begin their search for a new ERP solution, access to everything available via the AppExchange enhances their confidence in choosing Rootstock. For everyone, the impact on innovation can’t be overstated.

Now, with the new features Salesforce is unveiling – such as intelligent search, personalized recommendations and embedded Trailhead Learning – the AppExchange experience will become even more customized for every customer, making it easier to tap into the Salesforce ecosystem and install trusted solutions from its expanded portfolio of Lightning apps, Bolts, Data, industry solutions and more.

In situation after situation, being an AppExchange partner has provided unique business value for Rootstock customers.

By its very nature, the AppExchange offers unique business value for anyone who uses it, including Rootstock customers. Consider the fact that an organization can come to the AppExchange without having moved any of their applications to the cloud, and find pretty much any and every application they deem necessary for their specific operations (there are literally thousands of apps on AppExchange). Not only will those applications be cloud-based, but they can all be integrated with each other through supported APIs.

For example, Matouk, a world-renowned textile manufacturer, producing high-end bed and bath linens, came to the AppExchange looking for a Salesforce ERP solution. They chose Rootstock. But they also found Zencraft, a shipping services provider whose solutions dovetailed nicely with Rootstock. Because both applications were built on the Salesforce platform and offered through AppExchange, integrating them was incredibly simple.

Rootstock will respond to the new AppExchange by identifying opportunities to deliver even more value to customers.

Rootstock will continue to embrace the AppExchange for the incredible value it delivers as a resource for any manufacturer looking to move their operations to the cloud while streamlining and improving their operations. As we move forward with enhancements to the Rootstock solution – whether through additional functionality or through the integration of technology such as Einstein and the capabilities of other AppExchange partners – we fully expect our customers to benefit tremendously from our close working relationship with Salesforce and the AppExchange.

Check out the new Salesforce AppExchange and see the improvements for yourself!