Rootstock Software® Unveils Low-Code, Business-Driven Cloud ERP

 “Clicks Not Code” Approach to ERP Mobile Apps, Processes, AI and Analytics Will Help Companies Create Competitive Advantage and Compete on Speed

San Ramon, CA (August 6, 2020)Rootstock Software, a leading provider of cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions built on the Salesforce Platform, today unveiled its Low-Code, Business-Driven Cloud ERP software release. This new solution can empower everyday business users to swiftly tailor and deploy mobile applications, change processes and add AI and analytics without having to wait for busy IT departments or expensive consultants.

“In today’s volatile environment, manufacturers, distributors and supply chain organizations must constantly adapt to compete,” said Tom Brennan, CMO at Rootstock Software. “Business users need to be able to fine tune ERP applications without the lengthy delays that traditional ERP is known for. Business users know firsthand what is needed on the front lines to optimize processes and improve the customer experience. This release puts more power in their hands, and better yet, more manufacturing business intelligence and guidance at the fingertips of front-line employees.”

Legacy ERP can be difficult to implement, tailor and integrate, especially by typical business users. Instead, expert IT resources are needed for traditional system changes, and these modifications make it increasingly difficult to upgrade the system over time. Similar hurdles also exist when deploying newer technologies in ERP, such as analytics and AI. The new release of Rootstock Cloud ERP overcomes traditional limitations, while also ensuring governance and business rules are intact.

In a January 2020 report on ERP-enabled transformation, Gartner said “ERP is shifting to enterprise applications complemented by an ecosystem that includes new capabilities for application platforms, integration and low-code/no-code development. Gartner refers to this new era of ERP as ‘enterprise business capabilities’ (EBC).” It added that EBC, as an ERP suite surrounded by a platform, “facilitates the rapid development and adoption of new applications and capabilities.”[1]

Rootstock is an example of this trend, taking advantage of the Salesforce Lightning user experience, including Lightning Flows, App Builder, Community Builder and AI tools, such as Einstein Discovery and Einstein Prediction Builder – all of which offer the following benefits:

  • Clicks not code” approach. A simple, elegant Lightning user interface is used to configure screens, process flows and purpose-built apps. Point-and-click tools enable citizen developers to “drag and drop” their way to more powerful and easy-to-use applications.
  • AI and Analytics for Everyone. Data, predictive analytics and AI can be embedded into apps and business processes. For example, Einstein Discovery has AI-powered analytics that enables business users to automatically discover relevant patterns based on their data – without having to build sophisticated data models. Apps can leverage Einstein Next Best Action to recommend actions to users. And with Einstein Analytics, users can spot opportunities, predict outcomes and get precise recommendations to improve business outcomes.
  • Mobile Flexibility. With no added effort or integration, tailored apps are available in mobile environments, enabling a “design once, use anywhere” approach.

Using the benefits above, Rootstock’s Low-Code, Business-Drive Cloud ERP enables citizen development in the following five areas:

  1. Mobile ERP Apps. Rootstock offers several new mobile apps that customers can easily tailor across a wide spectrum of ERP business functions, including sales orders, work orders, purchasing, receiving, and inventory management. These apps and functions can then be used for remote-work needs.
  2. ERP Analytics. Rootstock ERP has always taken full advantage of Salesforce dashboards, reports and Einstein Analytics. Now, with the Lightning user experience, citizen developers can drag-and-drop powerful data visualizations and analytics into a Rootstock ERP Lightning app. In other words, they’re able to embed insights where they know users will need them.
  3. ERP Artificial Intelligence. Citizen developers can embed AI into key ERP operations. For example, custom analytics and predictions can be dropped into a process or function to determine the best course of action. With these insights, companies can operate more intelligently at all levels.
  4. ERP Processes. Orchestrated process flows can be created in a visual manner, making it easy to view the steps and logic, while also documenting the process for auditors. A citizen developer can “drag and drop” a sequence, such as an order approval process. This will visually guide workers through the process and enable an intuitive user experience. Citizen developers can enhance standard Rootstock flows or create their own.
  5. Customer and Supplier Communities. Citizen developers can quickly launch and bring to life distinct communities for suppliers, customers, distributors or other trading partners. This is enabled by the Salesforce Community Builder and by the fact that there’s just one object data model. The model makes it easy to share targeted information across ERP and CRM – such as purchase orders, invoices or cases – and to share appropriate information with specific Community members in a secure fashion.

An agile ‘clicks not code’ approach empowers business users to create, change and roll out ERP functionality. The ‘legacy’ way is often too long and costly to maintain going forward. Low-code configuration within Cloud ERP can enable companies to respond more quickly to market changes and customer needs,” added Brennan.

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[1] Gartner Report, “2020 ERP Predicts: Unprecedented Changes in ERP Enable Transformation, January 13, 2020.”

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