Salesforce Community Cloud

Give your extended enterprise the business connection they want with Rootstock and Community Cloud.



Deliver Personalized Experiences for Doing Business with Your Customers and Suppliers

With Community Cloud you can build custom sites, portals and forums faster than ever before and extend the power of Salesforce while reducing the demands on your support teams.


Extend Your Enterprise

Extend Your Enterprise

Your extended enterprise is everywhere, and you should be too. The Salesforce Community Cloud leverages all the power of the Salesforce Platform to extend your business to your customers and partners with the same experience you’ve grown to love.

  • Extend access to relevant data to trusted suppliers and customers
  • Create innovative experiences with drag and drop, custom or pre-built components
  • Customize the look and feel of your experiences to be on-brand and easy to use
  • Leverage your CRM data to personalize the experience for every user on any device
Business Integration

Business Integration

Salesforce Community Cloud makes it easier to do business with both customers and suppliers by tailoring portals for their specific business needs.

  • Connect business partners directly with the business data they need in context of why they need it.
  • Leverage any data from Salesforce or Rootstock and execute transactions with a click
  • Easily integrate data from mobile, branded or social environments and third-party systems
  • Streamline processes with feed and publisher actions



Engagement & Analytics

Engagement & Analytics

Preconfigured and customizable Lightning dashboards in the Community Management Console help you measure, analyze, and optimize metrics to better understand and manage your community.

  • Reward members for being active in your community with ranks, badges, and a scoring system to incentive participation and highlight contributors.
  • Empower members to identify and endorse other members as experts on specific topics for sharing lessons-learned and best practices.
  • Understand adoption, engagement, and usage metrics with the Community Management Console



Ease of Creation and Personalization

Help customers or suppliers find what they need faster with the content relevant to their needs. Connect visitors to groups, experts, and content based on their needs and behaviors — all with an AI-powered website builder.

  • Start with pre-built templates for common applications and tailor the look, feel, and function to suit the business need.
  • Visually customize to suit your brand and enable your partners to tailor to suit theirs.
  • Serve up content personalized for the visitors needs such as for B2B commerce, customer service, or supplier relationship management or enable self-service for them to update as required.