Rootstock Software® provides the breadth and depth of solutions that today’s discrete manufacturers need to operate and grow their business. Whether a small operation with five users, or a large organization with many sites and hundreds of users, Rootstock offers a solution for all sizes and types of discrete manufacturers and supports the manufacturing system requirements of Build to Order, Build to Stock and even Engineer to Order Manufacturers – whether standard cost or moving average cost and in both a single and multi plant environment.

Sales Order Management:  Automatically convert customer quotations into orders for your products

Purchase Order Management:  Automatically generate orders for your suppliers

Production Engineering:  Create precise lists of items and instructions needed to build each product

Inventory Management:  Tune MRP to reflect actual vendor performance and your actual production

Lot & Serial Control:  Trace the source of supply or production for any item

Cloud Material Requirements Planning:  Automatically plan what you should buy or make in time to build your products

Cloud Scheduling & Capacity Planning:  Balance your production capabilities with material supply

Shop Floor Control:  Streamline production and material flow with your suppliers and in your factories

Manufacturing Cost Control:  Make better decisions by tracking up to eight elements of cost for an item

Project Control:  Segregate production costs and inventory by project

Multi Division & Multi Site:  Grow your business without outgrowing your applications

Product Lifecycle Management Integration:  Automatically synchronize design engineering data with manufacturing data