Cloud ERP Production Management Software

Increase production efficiency, productivity and agility with our production management software.

From streamlined work orders, scheduling and shop floor control to drag-and-drop capacity planning and integrated project control, Rootstock automates your entire production process.

  • Use work orders and scheduling together to know when purchased items are required and needed parts are available.
  • Easily balance production with material supply using an intuitive drag-and-drop scheduler.
  • Use tightly integrated project control to plan, track and cost by project.

Work Order Management

Manage all your work order information and activities with our production management software:

  • Streamline your entire work order process, including release, picking material, booking, quantity recording, receipt, backflushing and costing.
  • Create tear-down work orders that, instead of using component inventory, supply component inventory.
  • Firm work orders generated by MRP.

Scheduling and Capacity Planning

Drag-and-drop scheduling and capacity planning lets you immediately identify and fix shortages and overloads with a click of the mouse:

  • View day-to-day work center capacity by labor or machine hours on a single, easy-to-read graphical display.
  • Our production management software allows you to create and manage schedules for all firmed, released and in-process work orders.
  • Level loads by dragging work order operations from one day to another.

Shop Floor Control

Streamline production and material flow with your suppliers and in your factories:

  • Manage your entire work order life cycle.
  • Create powerful routing masters that capture as-planned routing details.
  • Explode bill of material (BOMs) to display assemblies at the highest level broken down to individual components and parts.

“One reason we selected Rootstock is that the ERP can really handle complex manufacturing.”

– John Swiatkowski, President, The Pacer Group

Mixed Production Modes

Our production management software lets you mix production modes to meet ALL of your customers’ needs:

Project Manufacturing

Plan, cost and track by division, project or group of projects:

  • Control and plan material purchases, manufacturing, and inventory by division, and identify inventories and costs by project.
  • Rootstock’s production management software can track project milestones and view audit trails for all labor and material transactions.
  • Visually compare as-built with as-designed BOMs for a project.


Create “disassembly” work orders to salvage finished parts or subassemblies and move them back into stock.

Quality Management

Manage quality across your supply chain and maintain compliance with regulatory standards:

  • View the entire history of a device for complete traceability.
  • Maintain accurate and thorough audit trails, including simplified lot and serial tracking.
  • Seamlessly integrate with ComplianceQuest EQMS and other compliance apps on the Salesforce Platform.

Rootstock Cloud ERP Products

Our cloud-based ERP system, designed by and for manufacturers, helps you manage your company’s digital transformation in order to grow and succeed.