Project-Based ERP Software for Manufacturers

Rootstock Project-Based ERP for manufacturers monitors engineering, sales, operations, procurement, planning, and production tasks and costs by project, providing a means of measuring and repeating profitability.

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Project-Based ERP Software to Increase Profitability

Project-based manufacturers produce complex, specialized products that are tailored to exact customer specifications, and as a result, need to monitor and manage costs from start to finish to ensure profitability. Rootstock project-based ERP software gives manufacturers complete cost visibility for all aspects of their operation collected at a very granular level for complete project management.

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Project Control

Project Control Provides Comprehensive Project Management

Project Control allows manufacturers to control and plan manufacturing, inventory, labor, and overhead costs for each project, by project. With increased control, leaders can plan a single project without disrupting the material plan for other projects, and clone new projects with similar characteristics for improved estimating accuracy.

  • Generate more accurate quotes with pre-defined cost codes and processes for continuous improvement.
  • Project Workbench gives you real-time, interactive access to all project data, including snapshots of performance to date, as compared to budget amounts.
  • Manage projects by phase with gate approvals including customer sign-offs.

Complete Traceability

Complete Traceability Features for Enhanced Project Management

Rootstock’s project-based ERP maintains full project traceability of purchased goods from requisition to purchase order to receiving and final goods delivery.

Complete Product History

  • Device history records let you view complete product history—including lot and serial numbers—from engineering and production, fulfillment and delivery, to service and finance.
  • Customizable audit trail record purchase order receipts, inventory material movements and adjustments, subcontract purchase issues, and more.
  • Detailed project history enables continuous improvement for subsequent projects.

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Detailed Cost Controls

Detailed Cost Controls

Project manufacturers cannot amortize production costs across large quantities, so profitability depends on effective performance for each project. Rootstock’s financial capabilities track costs from materials to operations to labor and everything in between.

  • Plan, track, and manage costs efficiently by automatically capturing labor hours and material costs in real time throughout the project.
  • Manage costs by virtually any element throughout the manufacturing process to better understand profitability.
  • Real-time visibility into accumulated costs by project and across multiple projects, with drill-down into any specific cost element.

Matouk Success Story

Research Report: Matouk Achieves 223% with ROI with Rootstock

Nucleus Research conducted an ROI Case Study on Matouk and found that their integrated Rootstock Cloud ERP and Salesforce CRM enabled them to drive greater visibility and productivity across all facets of its business. Matouk’s accelerating time-to-promise and accuracy of quotes drove increased order volumes, supporting year-on-year growth of more than 10% while improving margins and customer satisfaction.

See how the integrated solution of Rootstock Cloud ERP and Salesforce CRM helped Matouk achieve an ROI of over 223%.


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From sales to customer service, engineering to production, supply chain to inventory, Rootstock’s Cloud ERP has all the modules needed for project-based manufacturers to manage shop operations efficiently and drive business growth.