ERP Podcasts

Welcome to the Rootstock ERP Podcast Series designed to keep you up to date on the latest ideas, innovations, and research related to Cloud ERP. All podcasts are moderated by Steve Books, Editor of Enterprise Times. Listen to our collection of podcasts including:

  • How do you deploy an ERP in four and a half months?: Learn how Aphria, a fast-growing multinational cannabusiness in Canada, recently deployed a combination of Salesforce, Rootstock, and ComplianceQuest in record time!
  • Meeting the Challenges of Sales and Operations Planning: David Stephans, Rootstock’s CRO, explains how Rootstock and Salesforce help companies improve Sales & Operations Planning.
  • Modernizing a 90-Year-Old Manufacturer: Stuart Kiely, VP Digital Strategy at Matouk, a manufacturer and distributor of luxury textiles, discusses how they transformed itself using Rootstock and Salesforce.