Cloud ERP Engineering Change Management Software

Stay in complete control of engineering changes, bill of materials, routings and costs.

Rootstock Cloud ERP software gives you the tools you need to prevent errors and ensure up-to-date configuration data.

  • Enter parts as inactive and activate later without affecting planning or the shop floor.
  • Control Bill of Material (BOMs) until ready for approvals.
  • Use simple or more stringent revision and engineering change controls as your business requires.

Bill of Materials (BOMs)

With Rootstock’s engineering change management software, you can easily create and maintain BOMs from simple to multi-level with thousands of components:

  • Store key information about every part in item masters, including descriptions, commodity codes, lot or serial numbers, inventory attributes and purchasing policies.
  • Reduce repetitive manual entry by using commodity code attributes.
  • Identify manufactured, purchased and subcontract sourcing.
  • Associate components with assemblies, including add and delete effectivity information.


Engineering change management software creates flexible routings that are as simple or complex as you need:

  • Set multiple alternate steps to support heavy workloads.
  • Send operations outside to selected vendors, shipping and receiving parts without involving inventory.

“The advantages to the company and to the employees are clear to everyone. The reaction has been ‘gee, why didn’t we do this sooner.’”

– Glenn Judd, VP of Operations and Engineering, Nanophase Technologies Corp

Product Costing

Closely monitor costs with extensive cost controls in our Cloud ERP software:

  • Maintain and track as few as one up to as many as eight cost elements for an item.
  • Use standard costing or moving average costing methods.
  • Automatically calculate standard costs including labor and overhead using the cost rollup process.
  • Automatically calculate standard cost variances.

Engineering Change and Revision Control

Manage engineering changes and track component and operation changes with Rootstock’s engineering change management software.

  • Manage revisions with item status, effectivity date, drawing changes and even routing changes.
  • Generate work order demand by revision to ensure that the right BOM is always used.
  • Manage revisions and document control connected to industry standard PLM systems.
  • Define subcontracted items in which component parts are sent to vendors or outside operators for final assembly.

Rootstock Cloud ERP Products

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