Cloud ERP Software for Medical Device Manufacturers

Rootstock Cloud ERP helps medical device manufacturers move innovative products to market faster, comply with stringent regulatory requirements and deliver a personalized customer experience.

Rootstock’s Cloud ERP automates the manufacturing process to give medical device manufacturers complete visibility, control and traceability.

Powerful Engineering Management Tools

Production Engineering helps medical device manufacturers manage components, sub-assemblies, bills of material (BOMs), routings and engineering changes no matter how complex they are.

  • Revision Control maintains status and effectivity dates, manages additional BOM and routing revisions, and generates work order demand by revision.
  • Engineering Change Control (ECO) manages ECOs and tracks component and operation changes through authorizations and approvals.

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Complete Project Lifecycle Tracking and Control

Plan, track and cost by project using Project Control, which connects Sales, Inventory Control, Shop Floor Control, MRP, Purchasing and Manufacturing Cost Control.

  • With Rootstock’s Cloud ERP software, medical device manufacturers can effectively allocate materials to projects using standard or average costs, and associate inventory items, sales, work orders, purchase requisitions and purchase orders with a project.
  • Run Material Requirements Planning (MRP) by one or multiple projects, by division.

Project Workbench gives you real-time access to all project data, including a snapshot cost comparison of actual to budget, project inventory, PO requisitions and orders, manufacturing work orders, forecasts, sales orders, and all transactions associated with the project. Learn More

“Rootstock has developed one of the most versatile and easily configurable cloud ERP solutions for its customers that operate in the fast changing and regulated medical device industry.”

– Frost & Sullivan

Integrated Scheduling, Planning and Inventory Control

Scheduling and capacity planning in our Cloud ERP lets you balance production with material supply using a simple drag-and-drop scheduler. Learn More

  • Create and manage schedules for all firmed, released and in-process work orders.
  • Level loads by dragging work order operations from one day to another.

Use Inventory Control to maintain inventory, track inventory locations, costs and quantities, and plan and set policies such as lead time, MRP parameters and RP (Replenishment Planning). Learn More

Medical device manufacturers must maintain quality data and track all product information across the entire supply chain in order to comply with government and industry standards, including, 21 CFR Part 820, 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 13485:2016, cGMP, ISO 9001:2015 and many more.

Rootstock Cloud ERP offers an automated, comprehensive approach to the compliance process, providing complete product history, full traceability, audit trails, and seamless integration with ComplianceQuest Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) on the Salesforce Platform.

Complete Product History and Traceability

Device History Records let you view complete product history from engineering and production, fulfillment and delivery, to service and finance.

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Rootstock’s lot control software allows an item’s lot and/or serial number to be registered through purchasing receipts, inventory, shop floor control and sales order fulfillment functions.

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Audit Trails

Rootstock creates audit trail records for:

  • Purchase order receipts
  • All inventory material movements and adjustments
  • Work order issues, reversals and work order receipts
  • Subcontract purchase issues and reversals
  • Labor and machine bookings
  • Sales order fulfillments
  • RMA receipts, advanced shipments and returns.
  • Site-to-site and division-to-division inventory transfers and reversals

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“Rootstock has developed one of the most versatile and easily configurable cloud ERP solutions for its customers that operate in the fast changing and regulated medical device industry.”

– Frost & Sullivan

Seamless Integration with ComplianceQuest Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS)

ComplianceQuest is the leading provider of EQMS software, also natively built and run on the Salesforce Platform. Rootstock partners with ComplianceQuest to help medical device manufacturers manage quality and stay compliant with industry, country- and customer-specific regulations.

ComplianceQuest EQMS helps you cost-effectively manage compliance and quality issues with 12 core best practices-driven solutions that are out-of-the-box, pre-validated and ready to go.

Quickly and easily navigate to ComplianceQuest from a variety of processes in Rootstock’s manufacturing ERP software, for a seamless flow of information in a single-user experience and customer record. Learn More

The ability to manage costing throughout the manufacturing process is critical to your business and managing margins. Rootstock Cloud ERP gives you complete visibility and control of costing, helping you identify and manage cost elements while eliminating inefficiencies.

  • Define cost elements for purchased material, subcontract material, labor, machine and machine and material burden.
  • Track costs in real time against an estimate to determine overall project profitability throughout the life of the estimate and determine estimates for future projects.

Manufacturing Cost Control lets you closely monitor and control costs, maintaining and tracking up to eight cost elements for an item.

Cost Analysis and General Ledger Drill Down

Rootstock Cloud ERP has the ability to accurately track costs at very detailed levels in operations while rolling up and posting automatically into the General Ledger, making sure cost accounting and operations tie out seamlessly with Finance.  Users can monitor costs at both levels or drill down from the General Ledger into the manufacturing cost detail.

  • Define up to eight different cost components for an item in addition to General ledger accounts.
  • Cost transactions flow automatically to the general ledger for faster period closes.
  • Drill down from the General Ledger to cost details maintained in manufacturing cost control accounts.
  • Compare budgets vs actuals in real-time dashboards and/or mobile devices.

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“Rootstock has developed one of the most versatile and easily configurable cloud ERP solutions for its customers that operate in the fast changing and regulated medical device industry.”

– Frost & Sullivan

Today’s sophisticated customers demand more personalization, both for products and customer service. Rootstock helps you know everything you can about your customers and helps you provide continuous, top-notch service.

Complete Service Lifecycle Tracking

Rootstock’s Warranty/Entitlement Management module lets you maintain data on warranty status and current customer locations, and provides flexible lot control software for tracking shipped, serialized and/or lot-controlled items.

  • View all transactions and actions for RMAs, service cases and sales orders.
  • Link cases, returns, service orders, and more for fast access to related information.

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Returns Management

Returns Management lets you control the return of products and installed components from a customer. You can create RMAs from sales order shippers, invoices or Salesforce cases, and provide replacements before the items are received.

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“Rootstock has developed one of the most versatile and easily configurable cloud ERP solutions for its customers that operate in the fast changing and regulated medical device industry.”

– Frost & Sullivan

Salesforce Service Cloud® + ERP

Combine the Salesforce Service Cloud with Rootstock Cloud ERP to a get a complete view of all transactions and interactions with a customer and deliver smarter, more personalized service.

  • Improve first call resolution with a 360º view of the customer using the Sales Cloud service console.
  • Get visibility into customer cases, sales orders, invoices, shipments, returns and credits from a single location.
  • Appear as one company to your customer, not separate departments.
  • Use the Salesforce Field Service Lightning Connector to connect your field service teams to inventory, RMA, refurbishing and depot repair processes, and let Rootstock ERP manage invoicing, parts and inventory replenishment.

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