ERP for Electronics Manufacturing

Rootstock’s electronics ERP for manufacturers provides the tools needed to deliver innovative products to market faster, comply with regulatory requirements, and guarantee an enhanced customer experience.

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Rootstock ERP for Electronics Manufacturing Provides 360° Visibility into Operations

Rootstock’s electronics manufacturing ERP software provides complete visibility, control, and traceability, helping manufacturers manage changing demand, short product lifecycles, and evolving regulatory requirements.


Boston Dynamics Achieves Fundamental Business Transformations


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High-Volume Production

Keep Ahead of Demand for High-Volume Production

Scheduling and capacity planning in Rootstock gives you a simple drag-and-drop interface to efficiently balance production against demand, supporting level-loading to optimize runs across all work centers. As a result, easily assess lead times, MRP parameters, and DRP (Replenishment Planning) to ensure inventory is available. 

  • Plan, track, and cost inventory items to ensure material is available for production.
  • Powerful engineering management tools to manage bills of material (BOMs), routings, and engineering changes.
  • Identify & manage cost controls efficiently while eliminating inefficiencies.
  • For manufacturers with design responsibility, Rootstock partners with leading PLM vendor Propel on the Salesforce Platform to synchronize R&D with production.

“One reason we selected Rootstock is that the ERP can handle complex manufacturing.”

Eva Wright
IT Administrator, Pacer Group
Industry Regulatory Compliance

Maintain Manufacturing Regulatory Compliance with Full Traceability

Electronics manufacturers must operate under the pressure of regulations such as the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). Rootstock’s ERP for electronics manufacturing offers a comprehensive approach to the compliance process, providing full traceability and audit trails from raw materials to finished goods.

  • Complete product history & traceability with device history records from engineering to service.
  • Customizable audit trails for purchasing, inventory, and operations.
  • For manufacturers with advanced compliance needs, Rootstock partners with Compliance Quest EQMS to manage quality and stay compliant with industry, country, and customer-specific regulations.

360° Visibility

Rootstock’s ERP for Electronics Manufacturing Provides 360° Visibility from Sales to Service

Eliminate siloed customer information by unifying sales information from CRM and service information in ERP. Enhance your customers’ experience with a single source of truth that ensures service is in sync with what was sold.

High-tech and electronics products are highly serialized to ensure specifications are always correct. Rootstock and Salesforce Field Service share a common data model across engineering, production, and service BOMs to ensure that replacement parts are as specified and serial numbers are recorded.

  • Rootstock and Salesforce Service Cloud provide a real-time view of all transactions and interactions with a customer to improve first call resolution and deliver faster, more complete service.
  • Salesforce Field Service expedites repairs by connecting your field service teams to RMAs accurate inventory availability, refurbishment, and depot repairs, with Rootstock Cloud ERP managing inventory replenishment and invoicing.

“I was blown away by the integration of the solution using the same singular data set, the same objects, the same security model, the same authorizations. That was tremendous to me.”

Chad Wright
CIO, Boston Dynamics
Salesforce Platform is Great for ERP

Why the Salesforce Platform is Great for ERP

When you run Cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform, you put your customers at the heart of your business, shift the focus of IT onto strategic projects, and reduce costs while gaining a 360° view of your customers and your business.

Integrating a modern Cloud ERP system with Salesforce removes the business silos that divide CRM, PLM, QMS, and ERP data to create a single, shared view of all customer interactions and your entire business.

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