Salesforce for Manufacturing

Make your manufacturing business more efficient, productive and agile on the Salesforce Platform.

Salesforce for Manufacturing

While Salesforce is the #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the world, it is not an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) system designed for manufacturing companies. Salesforce CRM provides many functions for sales and service, but it does not provide critical manufacturing functionality like inventory, production, supply chain and financial management.

In the past, many organizations were forced to develop complex system interfaces to connect Salesforce CRM with legacy ERP to synchronize data and pass transactions. Now that is not necessary with the advent of companies like Rootstock Software which developed Cloud ERP natively on the Salesforce platform. Companies can in fact now run both CRM and ERP on the Salesforce Platform.

So, Salesforce is not a manufacturing ERP system, but you can run ERP alongside CRM all on the Salesforce Cloud Platform. Rootstock Cloud ERP and Salesforce CRM share the same data model, user interface, system administration, security profiles, reporting tools, collaboration tools (Chatter), workflow engine, AI and more.

Rootstock Cloud ERP on Salesforce helps manufacturers become more efficient, productive and agile, and gives manufacturers a 360° view of their customers.

Connect Your Entire Manufacturing Business on a Single Cloud Platform

With Salesforce CRM and Rootstock Cloud ERP, you can connect your entire business, including people, data and things, to a single, unified system for your entire business:

Improve communications with your customers, suppliers and employees with embedded social media and custom portal features, all available on mobile devices.

Eliminate the divide between Sales and operations with 360° visibility into customer activity, inventory, production schedules, margins, shipments and accounts receivable; and streamline the quote-to-cash process.

Help Customer Service resolve customer issues faster, improve first call resolution rates and enhance the customer experience.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Your manufacturing business must remain competitive to succeed. Rootstock on Salesforce automates manual tasks, allows you to enter data more quickly and accurately, and become agile enough to respond to changing customer demands and markets:

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of sales order processing, including estimates and quotes; single-click sales order creation; flexible pricing models and product types to help you meet different customer needs; and the order-to-invoice process.
  • Precisely manage inventory and costing in real time across multiple locations.
  • Enjoy a simple, consistent user interface across all functions.
  • Keep suppliers, production and customer demand in synch with our automated supply chain management tools, supplier communities and more.
  • Optimize production and supply plans with automated Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) tools. Requisition and purchase both direct and indirect materials and supplies.

Anywhere Anytime Access to Manufacturing Data

One of the most important benefits of Salesforce manufacturing with Rootstock Cloud ERP is the ability to access all of your data and on-the-fly critical business decisions anywhere, anytime via Rootstock Mobile:

Give your employees a meaningful, efficient and simple mobile user experience.

View critical data and business processes, including inventory and purchasing, in real-time data dashboards on a mobile device.

Automate materials purchasing from requisition to receiving, and get complete visibility into approvals, shipping, receiving and inbound/outbound tracking. Pick, pack and ship using barcodes and mobile devices.

Plan, implement, and control the efficient flow of goods on a desktop or mobile device.

Grow Your Manufacturing Business with Modern Technology

Is your legacy on-premise system holding you back? Rootstock Cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform is a modern, customer-centric cloud-based ERP solution that evolves with your business:

  • Scale your solution up or down to meet changing business requirements.
  • Leverage powerful analytics to act on critical business information and drive innovation.
  • Expand your solution with apps on the Salesforce AppExchange that integrate out of the box.

Low Code ERP

Salesforce manufacturing lets you expand Rootstock Cloud ERP without complex software programming through Low Code ERP. Low Code ERP gives you a simple user interface to configure screens, process flows and purpose-built apps:

  • Use point-and-click tools to drag and drop pre-built components.
  • Easily create real-time dashboards that use both ERP and CRM data in a matter of minutes.
  • Build your own apps using the same consistent data model used across all Salesforce platform services.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud brings your manufacturing sales and operations teams together around a unified customer view to deliver more accurate account-based forecasts. Rootstock’s 360° Sales and Operations Planning solution synchronizes with Sales Agreements and Account-Based Forecasts in Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud to help ensure accurate sales forecasts, maximize revenue, and create more precise production and supply chain plans.

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