Cloud ERP Software for Manufacturing, Distribution & Supply Chain

Cloud ERP Software on the Salesforce Cloud Platform

Benefits of Rootstock Cloud ERP



Our Cloud ERP software improves operational agility to adapt quickly to customer needs and business changes.

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Experience a modern, customer-centric cloud platform that evolves with your business.

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Connect people, data and things. Rootstock Cloud ERP software allows you to stay in close touch with your customers, suppliers and employees.

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360° View

Know everything about your customers and your business across ERP and CRM.

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Cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform

One Cloud, One Platform, One View

Rootstock Cloud ERP is built on the market-leading Salesforce Cloud Platform, sharing the same cloud as Salesforce CRM. When combined with Salesforce CRM, Rootstock Cloud ERP offers a single platform to grow and manage your business with a single customer view.

  • Enjoy the reliability and security of the most trusted cloud platform
  • Extend and customize with a “clicks, not code” approach
  • Stay current with new releases and regular updates
  • Add compatible applications from the AppExchange
  • Mobile, social, analytics and AI ready
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"Rootstock's future looks great as more companies move some or all of their on-premise apps to the cloud to improve efficiency and flexibility and to reduce costs."

Bruce Richardson, Chief Enterprise Strategist, Salesforce

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