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Benefits of Rootstock Cloud ERP



Our Cloud ERP software improves operational agility to adapt quickly to customer needs and business changes.

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Make your ERP smarter using clicks not code, predictive analytics and AI.

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Connect people, data and things. Rootstock Cloud ERP software allows you to stay in close touch with your customers, suppliers and employees.

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360° View

Know everything about your customers and your business across ERP and CRM.

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Cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform

One Cloud, One Platform, One View

Rootstock Cloud ERP is built on the market-leading Salesforce Cloud Platform, sharing the same cloud as Salesforce CRM. When combined with Salesforce CRM, Rootstock Cloud ERP offers a single platform to grow and manage your business with a single customer view.

  • Enjoy the reliability and security of the most trusted cloud platform
  • Extend and customize with a “clicks, not code” approach
  • Stay current with new releases and regular updates
  • Add compatible applications from the AppExchange
  • Mobile, social, analytics and AI ready
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"Rootstock's future looks great as more companies move some or all of their on-premise apps to the cloud to improve efficiency and flexibility and to reduce costs."

Bruce Richardson, Chief Enterprise Strategist, Salesforce

Download “15 Reasons You Need ERP On The Salesforce Platform”

Legacy ERP is the weakest link in your digital transformation, especially when it’s disconnected from CRM. But when everything from supply to sales is built on the same platform, you get more value, flexibility, and visibility to better serve your customers.

Read 15 Reasons you need ERP on the Salesforce Platform to learn why you shouldn’t wait to modernize your ERP.

Why Is Rootstock The Best Cloud ERP?

Rootstock is a modern, cloud-based ERP solution built on the market leading Salesforce Cloud Platform, designed exclusively for Manufacturers, Distributors and Supply Chain organizations.  Our Cloud ERP software has the flexibility, intelligence and connectivity companies need to compete and grow in the current business climate; especially in a world where remote connectivity for employees, customers and suppliers is critical. Its flexible design supports a variety of business models and manufacturing modes including Build to Stock, Engineer to Order, Configure to Order, Project Based, Mixed/Hybrid Manufacturing, and Products as a Service (PaaS).

Unlike legacy ERP systems, Rootstock is driven primarily by business users, not IT personnel or expensive consultants. Business users are empowered to configure the system to meet their unique needs. They can introduce new products, change processes, create tailored mobile applications, add customer/supplier communities, all using clicks, not code.  We call it low-code, business driven ERP.  Companies can rapidly deploy these changes and are not constrained by the slow, expensive upgrades and version lock issues of legacy ERP.

Companies achieve maximum synergy and ROI when they deploy Rootstock ERP with Salesforce CRM together on the Salesforce platform. This includes real time connections with the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Ecommerce Cloud and Salesforce Field Service Lightning.  By combining the system of engagement and the system of record on one cloud and one data model, companies can realize the benefits of 360 degree customer views, seamless front to back office processes and real time reporting across ERP and CRM. This single cloud foundation digitally connects the organization, allowing companies to deliver a more personalized customer experience, efficiently scale operations, and out-service the competition.  All of these significant businesses benefits can be realized from one cloud while simultaneously lowering IT, integration and system administration costs.

Grow on Rootstock Cloud ERP.