Cloud ERP System for Cannabis Manufacturers

Rootstock Cloud ERP system for cannabis manufacturers accelerates cannabusiness growth by providing full visibility and traceability across manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain operations. Maintain industry compliance and stay on top of all operations from seed to sale with Rootstock Cannabis ERP software.

Getting a Better Seat on the Cannabusiness Roller Coaster

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Accelerate Cannabusiness Growth with Rootstock ERP System for Cannabis Manufacturers

Rootstock is the best Cannabis ERP system for helping cannabis companies automate inventory and supply chain processes, reduce costs, and maintain quality while adapting to constantly changing compliance requirements. Whether you are a grower, processor, packager, or distributor, Rootstock Cloud ERP is seed to sale software solution that can fulfill the requirements for medical, recreational, health, and/or hemp-based products.

“Rootstock transformed our processes related to operations, inventory, and production overnight.”

Tim Purdie
CIO & CIS, Aphria
Seed to Sale ERP Software

Maintain Complete Control over Your Cannabusiness with Seed-to-Sale ERP Software

Rootstock seed to sale ERP software provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution to manage inventory, costs, and compliance from planting to sale, enabling enterprises to manage the entire seed-to-sale process from one ERP system.

Rootstock Seed to Sale ERP Software helps you:

  • Easily balance production plan with availability of raw materials using an intuitive drag-and-drop scheduler
  • Rigorous track and trace product, waste, testing, and specifications to comply with regulations and identify continuous improvement opportunities

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U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Maintain Cannabis Industry Compliance with Inventory Traceability

Reduce manual effort and protect your company from compliance non-conformances with complete traceability from seed to sale including lot and serial number tracking, easy barcoding, and comprehensive audit trails:

  • Manage inventory—both raw and finished goods—across multiple locations, throughout the production process & during transit
  • Track and trace by lot numbers from purchasing receipts, inventory, shop floor control, and sales orders
  • Assign serial numbers to seeds and track them through to sales order fulfillment with comprehensive, full-level traceability trees
  • Reduce the cost of compliance while fully meeting industry and regulatory expectations with Rootstock eQMS partner, ComplianceQuest, on the Salesforce Platform

“We implemented Rootstock and ComplianceQuest in four and a half months, not three years like you would do with something like SAP or Oracle. It’s a huge testament to the engineering horsepower that’s on the platform of both applications.”

Tim Purdie
CIO & CIS, Aphria
Generic Drug Vials

Advanced Cost Controls & Real-Time Reporting with Rootstock ERP Software for Cannabis Manufacturers

With real-time data available at any time, Rootstock gives you complete visibility and control of costing from labor to materials to overhead. View real-time financial information available from supplier to customer, from Accounts Payable to Accounts Receivable.

Rootstock ERP Software for Cannabis Manufacturers provides a variety of ways to report regulatory information, ranging from simple, real-time reports that can be easily downloaded into CSV files to more automated integrations using web services.

  • Costing methods include Standard Cost, Weighted Average, and Weighted Average with FIFO
  • Global, multi-company and division reporting & consolidations to visualize the health of the business at any time
  • Real-time dashboards and financial reporting to easily share and collaborate on company KPIs

Rootstock Cannabis ERP Software on the Salesforce Platform Powers Your Cannabusiness

Over 150,000 companies of all sizes trust the reliability and security of the Salesforce Platform to power their businesses. Named by Gartner Research as the #1 Platform as a Service (PaaS), the Salesforce Cloud Platform is built to scale and serves as a rock-solid foundation for your business.

Rootstock Cloud ERP and Salesforce working together eliminate any gaps between ERP, CRM, and beyond so companies can be both more agile and customer-centric.

  • Improve Collaboration with Salesforce Chatter, Slack & Communities to bring product teams, employees, and suppliers together
  • Leverage powerful reporting & data visualization features, such as multi-dimensional analytics and artificial intelligence to extract further insights from data

Aphria Success Story

Customer Success Story: Aphria

Aphria Inc. (Aphria) is one of the largest and fastest-growing cannabis companies in the world. With Rootstock Cannabis ERP solution, Aphria is advancing its cutting-edge operations. The application touches teams across production, inventory, and supply chain management, and enables Aphria to become more agile and be able to respond quickly to increasing demands and adapt to emerging and changing markets.

Learn how Aphria advanced their operations with Rootstock Cloud ERP and why they selected Rootstock over similar ERP providers.


Watch a Demo of Rootstock ERP System for Cannabis Manufacturers

See how Rootstock Cloud ERP system for Cannabis Manufacturers is designed to accelerate business growth, maintain industry compliance, and manage manufacturing operations with ease.

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From sales to customer service, engineering to production, supply chain to inventory, Rootstock’s Cloud ERP has all the capabilities needed for cannabis manufacturers to manage production operations efficiently and drive business growth.