Manufacturing ERP Software to Accelerate Business Growth

From sales to customer service, engineering to production, supply chain to inventory, Rootstock’s Cloud ERP Software is broad and deep–designed by and for manufacturers.

Rootstock Cloud ERP Software Products

For Manufacturing, Distribution & Supply Chain Organizations

Our cloud-based ERP system, designed by and for manufacturers, helps you accelerate your company’s digital transformation in order to grow and succeed.

“These tools are the best! I’m a pretty jaded guy working in IT as long as I have, and I am just bowled over by how great the [Salesforce] platform is, how well thought out the architecture decisions are in these wrapped apps, and how professional their teams are.”

– Tim Purdie CIO & CIS for Aphria

Rootstock ERP Manufacturing Software Value

Rootstock’s ERP Solutions for Manufacturing can Transform your Business

Rootstock ERP gives you centralized, comprehensive control of your end-to-end manufacturing system. Our software works natively with enterprise systems and point solutions via the AppExchange–all on the Salesforce Platform. Limit business disruptions and increase organizational agility and predictability to support rapid growth.

Future Proof on a Next-Generation ERP Platform

Rootstock is proven to reduce IT overhead by 40 percent and accelerate typical ERP deployments by over six months. Help your people work smarter and faster by using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to spot patterns, trends and recommend next best actions. Tailor your ERP application for your unique business needs using Rootstock’s low-code technology to gain a competitive edge.

Successful ERP Implementation & Adoption

Rootstock helps expedite your teams’ success by increasing employee adoption and engagement to get teams productive faster. The easy-to-learn user experience and purpose-built capabilities makes it easier to find, hire, and retain workers. Empower business admins & power users, not just IT personnel, to bridge skills gaps.

360° View of Your Business & Customers

When combined with other Salesforce applications and partners, Rootstock Cloud ERP gives organizations end-to-end visibility of their business. The common data model platform supports growth and empowers you to manage the business more efficiently. Eliminate the gap between your functional areas and your value chain to become a more customer-centric and agile company.