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Salesforce Field Service + Rootstock

Field Service Management with Salesforce

Today, many manufacturers want to manage field service operations as an independent business unit with its own profit and loss – or at least more closely oversee the revenue and expenses related to these operations. Field service departments must be given the tools and data they need to increase profitability, administrative efficiency and customer service. This is where Salesforce Field Service along with Rootstock Cloud ERP comes in.

Salesforce Field Service is a flexible solution that gives field service teams the tools they need to be more productive and profitable. Start with Salesforce Field Service’s AI-powered scheduling, resource optimization, guided safety protocols, field service inventory, and more. Then leverage the power of Rootstock Cloud ERP, built on the Salesforce Platform, with the Rootstock ERP Connector for one-click invoicing and detailed costing for improved field service financial management.

Benefits of Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce Field Service helps companies:

  • Resolve service calls faster.
  • Automate scheduling and manage agents, dispatchers and technicians.
  • Increase field service employee productivity.
  • Get real-time visibility into all field service operations.
  • Update customers at every step.

Connect ERP to Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce Field Service relies on a company’s Enterprise Resource Planning system to handle invoicing. This is where Rootstock comes in.

Rootstock’s ERP Connector to Salesforce Field Service gives manufacturing field service operations more visibility into and control over the finances of their operations. The Rootstock ERP Connector streamlines administrative functions such as generating invoices, and at the same time enhances invoicing accuracy, which in turn improves customer satisfaction.

Rootstock’s ERP Connector provides the following key features:

  • Create invoices with one click from work orders. Companies can generate invoices from work orders with a click of the mouse, making the entire invoicing process much faster. In addition, manufacturers have the integrated information they need to improve cash flow and collections.
  • Leverage a 360° view of costs to enhance financial results. The Rootstock ERP Connector helps to track the costs of repair and replacement parts and labor at the invoice level. Field service managers are able to monitor gross profit margins by invoice, work order and customer.
  • Choose from flexible pricing options. When billing for field services, managers can choose pricing options from Rootstock’s Cloud ERP.
  • View warranty information. Field service invoices also show whether anything that is on the invoice itself is a warranty or not.

Greater visibility into costs and more pricing options help facilitate improved revenue and profitability in field service operations.

Invoicing for Salesforce Field Service

In order to become a profit center, field service operations must overcome two obstacles: manual invoicing and no insight into profitability.

While field service has always been able to create and manage work orders, being disconnected from a company’s ERP has resulted in manual processes prone to administrative error, process delays and customer satisfaction issues. Manual invoicing for field service also takes a long time. There are often big delays in cash receipts as customers often forget about paying these invoices.

Perhaps more importantly, field service can’t see the margin on any particular service call, so they don’t know if they’re actually making a profit on that call.

Inventory Management for Salesforce Field Service

Another key contributor to profitable and efficient field service is inventory management. In many organizations, field service must ask for information about inventory such as materials needed for a repair because they don’t always have access to the information they need.

In addition, many field service teams try to handle refurbishments and remanufacturing manually or spend time and effort to create a new process for these functions in the corporate ERP system.

Salesforce Field Service helps organizations move past these obstacles and gain more control over their field service inventory processes:

  • Get the right part at the right time. Rather on rely on some third-party system, Salesforce Field Service includes an industrial strength inventory management ERP system. Can still work with corporate ERP system.
  • Complete visibility into inventory. Gain visibility into inventory at all locations to see where a repair or replacement part is available.
  • Available to Promise. See when a repair or replacement part is actually going to be available.

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