Salesforce Inventory Management

Increase inventory precision, accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility with Rootstock Cloud ERP software on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Inventory Management System

While Salesforce provides critical functions for sales and service, it does not provide the inventory management capabilities of an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) system for manufacturing & distribution companies.

In the past, organizations were forced to develop complex system interfaces to connect Salesforce CRM with legacy ERP to synchronize data and pass transactions. Rootstock solves this issue by running ERP alongside CRM natively on the same cloud platform. Rootstock ERP and Salesforce share the same data model, user interface, system administration, security profiles, reporting tools, collaboration tools, workflow engine, AI, and more.

Rootstock Cloud ERP on Salesforce helps manufacturers and distributors increase inventory precision, accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility. For manufacturers who want to take their customer service to the next level, Salesforce Field Service offers inventory management designed for field service representatives.

Inventory Management and Costing

Precise Inventory Management and Costing in Salesforce

Salesforce inventory management with Rootstock Cloud ERP software helps manufacturers accurately manage inventory and costing in real-time across multiple locations from anywhere:

  • View summary and detailed information, including inventory transactions, customizable cycle counts and ABC category analysis.
  • Analyze supply and demand, and update inventory by location, lot number, serial number, or project.
  • Choose standard cost, actual cost, or FIFO costing, and manage costs at the project level.

Flexible Inventory Tracking and Traceability

As a Salesforce Inventory Management Software, Rootstock Cloud ERP provides manufacturers with the features they need to efficiently track and manage inventory:

  • Track lot & serial numbers all the way to sales order fulfillment with complete traceability trees and device history records.
  • Assign a wide range of attributes to inventory items, pre-assign inventory types in any location or assign them on the fly by division or site.
  • Use ABC category analysis and reports for recording cycle counts.
  • Create locations for customer-owned inventory held at a user location.
Serialized Inventory Item Tracking System Component

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Available to Promise (ATP) in Salesforce

Rootstock ATP in Salesforce inventory management helps manufacturers set appropriate delivery expectations to increase customer satisfaction:

  • View real-time available-to-promise information inside CRM.
  • Use Rootstock Configurator or Salesforce CPQ inventory management to guide the process of creating accurate estimates with configured pricing or for different product designs and customer needs.
  • Access recent order history and understand margins and costs to produce accurate and profitable quotes.


ATP in Salesforce

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Asset Inventory Management

Salesforce Asset Inventory Management

Salesforce inventory management with Rootstock Cloud ERP includes an integrated fixed asset solution in which purchasing, accounts payable and general ledger work together as a single system:

  • Acquire assets from a variety of sources; add upgrades, refurbishments, add-on; and adjust asset values.
  • Transfer assets between departments, physical locations, projects, and divisions.
  • Choose from among multiple depreciation methods.

Salesforce Field Service Inventory Management

Salesforce Field Service connects sales to service by letting customer service track and manage inventory to make sure that field service representatives always have the right tools and parts for each job.

  • Create locations so you can track items stored there and restock when necessary.
  • Create product items to track where your field service inventory is stored.
  • Transfer field service inventory between locations.
  • Track inventory consumption, shipments, and returns.


Field Service Inventory management

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