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Future-Proof Your Enterprise IT Strategy

Manufacturing Cloud ERP on a next-generation, unified cloud platform with infinite scalability and agility.


How can Rootstock Cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform support IT goals?

The IT team is a critical partner in the selection, deployment, and security of technology. Rootstock’s Manufacturing Cloud ERP is the obvious choice to increase worker productivity, deliver actionable manufacturing data, and maximize business growth.

  • Increase productivity for increased business throughput
  • Seamlessly optimize application footprint in the Salesforce eco-system for predictable IT spend
  • Reduce the cost of adding technology while staying on top of changing business needs
  • Ensure the security of company data on the world’s #1 enterprise, cloud platform

How Robots Won the Digital Transformation Dance at Boston Dynamics


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One Cloud, One Platform, One View for Manufacturing Enterprises

Real-time 360-degree visibility of customers and supply chain from ERP to CRM

Reduce IT costs and complexity with one cloud platform built to scale with your digital transformation journey

Save time and increase team productivity across the enterprise, connecting sales, inventory, fulfillment & financial work streams

Trusted data and KPIs across teams with a single data model to minimize errors

Stimulate user engagement and ease adoption with a user-friendly interface and low-code customization platform

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Boston Dynamics
Burlington Medical

“We implemented Rootstock and ComplianceQuest in four and a half months, not three years like you would do with something like SAP or Oracle. It’s a huge testament to the engineering horsepower that’s on the platform of both applications.”

Tim Purdie
CIO & CIS, Tilray

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