Cloud-Based Discrete Manufacturing Software

For discrete manufacturers, finding the right balance requires both effective planning and execution capabilities. Rootstock’s discrete manufacturing ERP software offers powerful production management and planning capabilities, empowering businesses to deliver orders faster and manage production cycles easily.

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  • Pixmob
  • BACA Systems
  • RS Medical
  • Boston Dynamics

Rootstock Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software

Managing demand against supply and consistently delivering on time is key to satisfying—or ideally, delighting—your customer. Rootstock’s discrete manufacturing software delivers an end-to-end ERP system purpose-built for discrete manufacturers with the flexibility to match your needs today and the scalability to grow with you as your needs grow. With Rootstock, discrete manufacturers enjoy a single source of truth across their digital thread to create a single, shared view of all customer interactions across your entire business.

``Rootstock has a lot of experience in manufacturing and the potential to adapt and work with our processes as a smaller company looking at growth and expansion.``

Raymond Beiler
Vice President, Equipter
Identify and Fix Shortages

Keep Plans on Track with Visibility from Demand to Supply and Everything in Between

Keeping up with production demand is critical to protect against material stockouts that result in missed or short shipments while avoiding over-production which inflates costs and results in excess inventory. Rootstock’s discrete manufacturing system gives you the tools to level-load work centers to make the most efficient use of your limited resources:

  • Easily visualize work center capacity by machine, material availability, and/or labor hours
  • Easily revise the production schedule with interactive, easy to read, drag-&-drop, graphical user interface
  • Ensure required material is available before scheduling work orders

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Rootstock Cloud ERP Software Manages Costs from Soup to Nuts

A high volume, build-to-stock production environment is different than engineer-to-order or build-to-order scenarios, but some manufacturers need different modes for different products or even different phases of their standard products. Rootstock’s complex discrete manufacturing software features:

  • Planning tools that provide quick to execute orders when they come in and take into account historical trends for make-to-stock.
  • Robust cost tracking that makes it easy to manage engineer-to-order projects to improve profitability.
  • A Built-in configurator as well as a tight connection to Salesforce CPQ to make configure-to-order projects much easier to plan, manage, and invoice.

``We're able to use real time material pricing connected to our estimating solutions and deliver better pricing to our customers, but also deliver better results on our projects.``

Jeff Cash
President, Architectural Fabrication
Quote to Cash Webinette

CPQ for Discrete Manufacturers Provides Quotes for Customers Faster

By integrating Rootstock Cloud ERP with Salesforce, you can use Rootstock’s CPQ Manufacturing Connector to create sales orders from quotes with a click of a button. With Rootstock’s CPQ for discrete manufacturers, you can:

  • Streamline the quote-to-cash process from quote generation through the entire business cycle including production, pick, pack, ship and billing.
  • Include standard products and services contracts on the same sales order within a quote.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by providing faster quotes, faster cycle times, and faster deliveries

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Increase Efficiency with Production ERP Software

Maintain Full Configuration Traceability for Aerospace Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of your production goals with 360° visibility to work orders, materials, and production schedules. Schedules can be modified to respond to real-time changes without upsetting the applecart and detailed tracking helps you know the status of everything in the plant:

  • Easily track work orders—including custom orders—from planning to ready-to-ship from desktop or mobile app
  • Dynamically adjust BOMs or routings to react to conditions on the floor such as swapping alternative materials or equipment.
  • Maintain quality control with built-in, paperless inspections and end-to-end material traceability

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See how Rootstock’s discrete manufacturing ERP software is designed to accelerate business growth, create efficiencies in your operations, and manage manufacturing operations with ease.

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From sales to customer service, engineering to production, supply chain to inventory, Rootstock’s Cloud ERP has all the modules needed for industrial equipment & machinery manufacturers to manage shop operations efficiently and drive business growth.