Cloud ERP for Salesforce

Learn all about Salesforce and Rootstock Cloud ERP.

If you use Salesforce or are considering Salesforce, you might be wondering how to integrate Salesforce CRM with ERP. The pages listed below will help you understand the capabilities of the Salesforce Platform and how Salesforce products can work seamlessly with ERP.

Is Salesforce ERP?

Learn what Salesforce is and is not in regard to ERP and discover the benefits of adding ERP capabilities to Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce Platform. Find out how Salesforce combined with ERP gives you faster ROI, enables agile manufacturing and helps you meet changing customer demands.

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Why the Salesforce Platform is Great for ERP

Learn why running ERP on the Salesforce Platform helps you form a solid foundation for your digital business strategy. Find out how to put your customers at the heart of your business, shift the focus of IT onto strategic projects, and reduce costs while gaining a 360° view of your customers and your business.

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Salesforce for Manufacturing

Discover how Salesforce CRM combined with ERP helps your manufacturing business become more efficient and productive. Learn about connecting your entire business to a single, integrated system, and how Salesforce leverages ERP tools to give your workers anywhere anytime access to the data and functions they need to do their jobs.

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Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Learn about Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and how combining it with Rootstock’s ERP Sales and Operations Planning gives you more precise production and supply chain plans. Discover the benefits of integrating Sales Agreements and Account-Based Forecasting with ERP.

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Salesforce CPQ

Find out how you to increase efficiency and achieve faster cycle times, faster deliveries, less rework and more visibility across sales, operations and finance by connecting Salesforce CPQ to Rootstock Cloud ERP. Meet customer expectations with improved Available to Promise and more efficient and profitable quoting.

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Salesforce Inventory Management

Learn how you can add a world class inventory management system to Salesforce CRM. Find out more about flexible inventory tools and costing, complete tracking and traceability, asset inventory and field service inventory management.

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Salesforce Supply Chain

Learn how your planners can stay in sync with production and customer demand with Salesforce CRM combined with ERP. Manage requisitions and purchasing, run MRP and DRP, improve supplier relationships, and more.

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Learn about the Salesforce Service Cloud and how to improve customer satisfaction by combining it with ERP. Discover how to answer customer inquiries, process customer requests and check customer orders faster. Salesforce Service Cloud with ERP also provides complete support history and improves RMA processing, warranty servicing and selling, and quality management.

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Salesforce Field Service

Learn the benefits of combining the power of Salesforce Field Service Management with ERP. Turn your field service into a revenue stream with improved field service management, including invoicing, costing and inventory.

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Unlock ERP on Salesforce

Moving from legacy to Cloud ERP? Learn the three ways that Rootstock can help you migrate to Cloud ERP and help you achieve your goals faster, at a lower cost, and with fewer risks.

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