Salesforce Supply Chain Management Solutions

Improve supply chain management with intelligent and collaborative tools.

While Salesforce is the #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the world, it is not a supply chain solution for manufacturing companies. Salesforce CRM provides many critical functions for sales and service, but it does not provide the supply chain capabilities of a true Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) system.

In the past, many organizations were forced to develop complex system interfaces to connect Salesforce CRM with legacy ERP to synchronize data and pass transactions. Now that is not necessary with the advent of companies like Rootstock Software which developed Cloud ERP natively on the Salesforce platform. Companies can in fact now run both CRM and ERP on the Salesforce Platform.

While Salesforce is not supply chain system, you can run ERP alongside CRM all on the Salesforce Cloud Platform. Rootstock ERP and Salesforce CRM share the same data model, user interface, system administration, security profiles, reporting tools, collaboration tools (Chatter), workflow engine, AI and more.

Rootstock Cloud ERP on Salesforce helps planners stay in sync with production and customer demand with automated and intelligent supply chain management tools.

Requisitions and Purchasing in Salesforce Supply Chain Management

Salesforce supply chain management with Rootstock Cloud ERP helps you streamline your requisition process and manage purchasing from requisition to receiving and approval:

  • Enter purchase requisitions for direct and indirect materials manually or let our planning tools do it for you.
  • Generate simple to complex purchase orders for your suppliers, then track them through the entire purchasing process.
  • View comprehensive purchase order revision details and key vendor information at any time.

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Salesforce Supply Chain Planning

Rootstock Cloud ERP on Salesforce gives you the all tools you need to efficiently manage supply and demand:

  • See ALL supply and demand information on a single screen, and quickly drill down to make on-the-fly adjustments to completion or release dates, quantities and parts, and more.
  • Create automatic forecasts for any time period using historical data, or manually create forecasts based on both history and future sales.
  • Run Rootstock MRP, which considers both sales orders and forecasted demand, for everything by project or by groups of projects.
  • Automatically plan replenishments of products based upon supply, demand, forecast and reorder point using Rootstock DRP.

Managing Suppliers in Salesforce Supply Chain Management

Salesforce supply chain management with Rootstock Cloud ERP helps you manage relationships with your suppliers:

  • Manage your suppliers 24/7 in real time in a transparent, integrated and mobile experience.
  • Track supplier relationships.
  • Improve collaboration between your employees and your suppliers with intelligent, branded online communities made possible by built-in Salesforce Communities.

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