Cloud ERP Software for Wholesale Distributors

Rootstock Wholesale Distribution ERP Software picks up where Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud) leaves off, providing comprehensive Purchasing, Warehousing, Sales, Shipping, and Customer Service for Wholesale Distributors.

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Manage Supply Chains & Sales Seamlessly With Rootstock Wholesale Distribution ERP Software

Rootstock Wholesale ERP helps companies efficiently manage all aspects of their supply chain from first customer contact through final shipping and returns. Seamless integration with Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce Sales Cloud lets wholesale distributors take advantage of a single workflow to manage the sales front end.

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Wholesale Distribution ERP

Unify Your Teams with Salesforce CRM & Rootstock Wholesale ERP

Rootstock Wholesale Distribution ERP brings CRM for Sales together with ERP for fulfillment by unifying back-office information with a single data model visible to front office personnel. By connecting CRM and ERP, orders flow through the business in a seamless fashion.

Whether its customer master data or opportunities yet in the pipeline, Rootstock eliminates the need to reenter sales information for accurate fulfillment and shipping. Customer data is entered once and used throughout the life of the customer to improve the customer experience with always up-to-date information.

  • Efficient sales order management by entering sales orders directly or converting Salesforce opportunities and quotes with a single click.
  • Drop-ship directly from suppliers to customers with purchase orders tied to sales orders.
  • Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) for accurate quoting of configurable products.
  • Accurately track and trace material movements and costs making sure accounting and operations tie off seamlessly with Finance.

360 Degree Supply Chain Management

360° Supply Chain Management with Rootstock ERP for Wholesale Distribution

For Distributors, shipping the correct item in the right quantity, delivery window, and price is the name of the game. Rootstock ERP for Wholesale Distribution has powerful automation features, allowing all of your information to flow naturally through your enterprise, providing complete visibility into your entire supply chain for everyone who needs it.

  • Inventory Control lets you manage inventory quantity and location, track inventory costs and lead times, and control planning policies for distribution replenishment planning (DRP).
  • Advanced DRP automatically plans replenishments of products based upon supply, demand, forecast, and reorder points, minimizing shortages and reducing ordering, transportation, and carrying costs.
  • Comprehensive warehouse management supports the high-volume distribution of goods through different distribution networks to multiple warehouses whether multi-company, multi-division, or multi-site.

“As a result of installing Rootstock ERP, we are better serving our customers. Our sales and customer service department can now forward an invoice or packing slip with the touch of a button.”

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360 Degree Collaboration

Connect Everyone to Everything with 360° Collaboration

Increase sales and enhance the customer experience by providing world-class service to your customers with Rootstock Cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform. Eliminate the silos of customer information between sales and fulfillment with a single source of truth connected to customer and supplier portals.

Fulfillment following a sales order may take many people performing many synchronized tasks. Connect them together with real-time collaboration tools like Chatter and Slack to eliminate the communication breakdowns that occur between buildings, facilities and even work-from-home teammates.

  • Improve collaboration with Salesforce Chatter & Slack to bring product teams, employees, and suppliers together with real-time chats connected to real Rootstock data.
  • Add Salesforce Experience Cloud to provide an always-on, real-time window into Customer, Supplier, or Partner data securely shared for end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Salesforce Platform is Great for ERP

Why the Salesforce Platform is Great for ERP

When you run ERP on the SalesforceⓇ Platform, you put your customers at the heart of your business, shift the focus of IT onto strategic projects, and reduce costs while gaining a 360° view of your customers and your business.

By extending Salesforce with a modern Cloud ERP system, wholesale distributors remove the business silos that divide CRM and ERP data to create a single, shared view of all customer interactions for your entire business.


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See how Rootstock Cloud ERP for wholesale distribution is designed to accelerate business growth, strengthen your relationship with customers, and manage supply chain operations with ease.

Rootstock Cloud ERP Software Products

From sales to customer service, engineering to production, supply chain to inventory, Rootstock’s Cloud ERP has all the modules needed for project-based manufacturers to manage shop operations efficiently and drive business growth.