Cloud ERP Inventory Management System for Manufacturers

With Rootstock ERP inventory system, manufacturers can precisely manage inventory and costs in real-time from desktop or mobile.

Why Rootstock Inventory Management ERP?

Our cloud-based ERP system on the Salesforce platform, designed by and for manufacturers, helps you manage inventory in real-time, informing decisions that will help your company grow and succeed.

  • Analyze Inventory S&D in Real-Time: Analyze supply and demand requirements online, and update inventory by location, lot number, serial number, or project as needed.
  • Customizable Cost Projection: Use standard cost, actual cost, or FIFO costing, and manage costs at the project level.
  • Keep Accurate Inventory Records: Ensure accurate records with detailed inventory transactions, customizable cycle counts, and ABC category analysis.
  • View & Manage All Inventory At a Glance: View all inventory information, including summary and detailed review by item, to make informed decisions that help increase inventory turns.

Rootstock Inventory ERP System Features

Lot Control and Serial Number Tracking

Enjoy complete traceability with lot and serial number tracking and comprehensive audit trail inquiries:

  • Register lot numbers through purchasing receipts, inventory, shop floor control and sales orders.
  • Assign serial numbers to inventories and track them all the way to sales order fulfillment.
  • View full-level traceability trees and comprehensive device history records with our lot control and serial tracking software.

Item Attributes

Assign a wide variety of attributes to inventory items with our inventory management software:

  • Pre-assign inventory types in any location or assign them on the fly, including scrap, questionable, in inspection, vendor-owned, consigned and viable, and by division or site.
  • Maintain all inventories by item and location within a division and site.
  • Track costs and quantities for each item.

Allocations, Cycle Counting and Consigned Inventory

  • Allocations – Rootstock uses soft allocation for MRP materials planning and project control, letting you reserve items for specific orders/lines.
  • Customizable Cycle Counting – We suggest items to count based on your own parameters, provide ABC category analysis and include reports for recording cycle counts.
  • Consigned Inventory – Create locations for customer-owned inventory being held at a user location.

Rootstock Cloud ERP Products

Our cloud-based ERP system, designed by and for manufacturers, helps you manage your company’s digital transformation in order to grow and succeed.